5 Brand Marketing Tips from Internet Gurus

With Internet Week NYC upon us, we gathered up 5 of the best tips we learned about marketing on the web from the innovators and industry experts at Social Media Week NYC.
Matt Britton, Founder and CEO of MRY: “Brands are going to pay for 1-2 good pieces of content, preferably video, and use that over and over again.”
Matt Britton, Founder and CEO of MRY: “I think we’re moving to a one-screen world. If there was a giant iPad I could put on my wall and get NFL content, then why watch TV? We’re just waiting for the new version of the TV. We just need a screen with internet so we’re picking, not tuning into, say, FOX Sports.”
Mattan Griffel, CEO of One Month: “Growth hackers figure out how to move people through the funnel of your company and get them to enjoy it so much, they become a part of the mechanism of helping you grow.”
Ana Villegas, Marketing Director at Dell: “We need to bring [customers] different types of content depending on where they are in their journey with our company and what channels they are on. Social media is so critical to understand who the customer is and how they are reacting to our product.”
Paula Froelich, Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Travel: “When it comes to content distribution, find others who you can make partnerships with and encourage reciprocity. If they’ll share yours, you can share theirs and build your networks together.”

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