Award Recipient Documentary: Shot in Singapore

Client: Urban Land Institute

As an architect and urban planner, Dr. Cheong Koon Hean shaped Singapore’s transformation as it built up the Marina Bay and set the stage to be one of the greenest countries in the world. Today, her work as CEO of the Housing and Development Board affects the lives of 82 percent of Singapore’s population, who are part of the country’s public housing system. Green Buzz Agency created a biographical award recipient documentary about her impact in Singapore and globally, after the Urban Land Institute named her the 2016 recipient of the J.C. Nichols Prize for Urban Development.


The most notable challenge for Green Buzz Agency in producing and editing this video was to film high-end content in an unfamiliar country. Location scouting was not feasible, so it was impossible for the crew to see Singapore in person and to get a sense for the layout of the city-state. On top of that, the team had to plan around city-wide parade during the shooting schedule that made crossing the street and travelling with equipment very difficult.


There were two subjects in this story: the immeasurable professional accomplishments of Dr. Cheong Koon Hean, and the vibrant, unique city her leadership helped to develop. That’s why it was so important that Green Buzz Agency give viewers a sense for Singapore and help them to truly experience the energetic city-state

The producer of the biographical documentary and the video’s editor knew ahead of time they wanted to incorporate advanced methods including speed ramps, whip pans and natural sound effects to bring the viewer into this amazing environment. On production day, the producer was able to direct the camera crew to shoot with these techniques in mind. This creative foresight allowed GBA to elevate the production quality to match the singular subject matter.

With such in-depth interviews, GBA came back with a wealth of testimonial to Dr. Cheong Koon Hean’s work. In production and post-production, Green Buzz Agency producers and editors had to work to whittle down the broad scope of information in consideration to be chosen for inclusion.

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