Explaining Your Company with an Overview Video

Client: ESYS Automation

Awards: 2016 AVA Digital Gold Award for Corporate Image


Michigan-­based ESYS Automation reached out to Green Buzz Agency to create a video for the company that would provide an overview of the services they offered and serve as a recruitment tool for new hires. They had a small budget that they had set aside for the project and GBA was tasked with delivering a quality product within scope.


Rather than scripting interviewees, GBA took a documentary style approach to the overview video, aiming for candid, genuine soundbites that would serve the purpose of identifying the company’s services while remaining authentic in nature.

In pre-­production, GBA worked with ESYS Automation to identify a handful of interviewees at the company who would help convey the primary themes of the video. The goal was to succinctly explain what the company did and how the company has innovated in its industry, while showing the people who make the company a great place to work and do business with.

GBA planned to film the entirety of the project in one day, supplementing the b­-roll captured on site with limited existing footage of the machinery that the company created in its warehouse. GBA worked with ESYS Automation to coordinate the schedule so that the team could capture b-­roll in the warehouse, b-­roll of employees and managers interacting at a company luncheon, b-­roll of the charity initiative the company participates in, and have ample time to interview.

In post-­production, GBA played with the motion of the machinery to add an element of flair to the final product.


ESYS Automation was thrilled with the final product. Oana Fenesanu, the company’s marketing coordinator, said, “We enjoyed every minute of working on this video with Green Buzz Agency!” Since it was published, Green Buzz Agency has received inquiries from some of ESYS Automation’s peers in the industry who are seeking similar videos. The video won the 2016 AVA Digital Gold Award in the category of Corporate Image.

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