Using Video to Respond to a PR Crisis

Client: The Fertilizer Institute


After an explosion in a West Texas fertilizer retailer in April 2013, the fertilizer industry faced a Public Relations crisis they’d never encountered. The explosion caused the public and politicians to doubt the safety of the fertilizer industry. Consequently, agricultural retailers feared that federal regulations would increase, which would make it harder for them to do their jobs. In order to address this Public Relations Crisis, The Fertilizer Institute hired Green Buzz Agency to make a documentary. This video was intended for politicians and the media, and showcases what the industry is doing to make safety a priority.


To begin, GBA devised a shooting strategy for the documentary that combined b-­roll of the surrounding farms and agricultural equipment with interviews with members of various fertilizer retailers. To make sure these interviews were impactful, GBA developed a set of interview questions that would elicit information about how regulated the industry already was, and what the Fertilizer Institute was doing on its own to create a culture of safety within the industry. These informative soundbites add persuasive credibility to the video. Finally, in post-production, Green Buzz Agency created a cohesive story that expressed the agricultural retailer’s confidence in safety regulations across their industry.


The finished documentary was sent to federal government politicians and members of the media in anticipation of the one year anniversary of the West Texas explosion. Meanwhile, GBA has continued to work with the Fertilizer Institute on their major video campaigns.

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