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  • 2014 Bronze Telly Award Winner in the category of Online Video: Travel/Tourism
  • 2014 Bronze Telly Award Winner in the category of Online Video: Editing


National Association of Convenience Stores’ Challenge:


Green Buzz Agency was hired with the challenge of creating a food and travel show that showcased all of the great things to do around Convention Center in Atlanta.

Every year, the National Association of Convenience Stores holds its largest and most important event: the NACS Show. As one of the twenty most attended conventions, it takes up the second most physical space of any convention in the country, with 30,000 attendees and 1,100 vendor booths. Year to year, the show’s location rotates between Chicago, Las Vegas and Atlanta. However, whenever the show goes to Atlanta, NACS has found that there is a large dip in attendance. Research uncovered that attendance declined because attendees believed there wasn’t enough to do in Atlanta.

Video Production Strategy:


Green Buzz Agency strategized a concept that would show potential attendees four great restaurant options that were just a short cab ride from the convention.

As a guideline for this video, GBA took inspiration from a food and travel show classic, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. To save the client from paying for extra crew time, GBA also coordinated access to stock footage of the city with the Atlanta Tourism Board. By combining this stock footage with shots of each restaurant’s atmosphere, the editing team made the setting exciting. Chef interviews and b-­roll of food being prepared and served made for a mouthwatering final product.

Video Marketing Results:


All four restaurants in the video were booked up for the duration of the convention within an hour of the video being released online.

NACS also credits the video as a contributing factor to higher attendance in 2013, compared to previous years in Atlanta. The video was the recipient of the 2014 Bronze Telly Award in the category Internet/Online Video ­- Travel/Tourism.

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