Using Characters to Explain Products

Client: Symplicity

Awards: 2016 AVA Digital Platinum Award for Motion Graphics


Symplicity has multiple products that serve the higher education, government and business sectors. They were rolling out a new product for recruiting on college campuses, and wanted to create a product explainer video that matched their brand and existing visual assets. Because the software was new, and developers were still working out the details of user experience, it was critical that the video remain conceptual, giving an overall view of the product and how potential customers might integrate it into their workflow. The challenge for Green Buzz Agency was to build a motion graphics explainer video of an in-progress product, ­­all within a limited budget.


The GBA team developed a script for the video that was conversational and explainer­-style. In storyboarding, the team sought to craft imagery that would be both compelling and yet conceptual, to make sure the audience understood the value of the product without needing to see a demo of it.

In creating the appropriate artwork for the project, budget was an important consideration. The cost of motion graphics can vary depending on the level of detail of the artwork and animation involved. Green Buzz Agency took a simplified 2D approach to this project to keep it within the scope of Symplicity’s budget. Finally, the team designed a look and feel that matched Symplicity’s brand guide.


Symplicity was happy with the final product explainer video, and GBA has consulted with the company on other projects.

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