Johns Hopkins: 100th Anniversary Campaign

Client: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was gearing up for its 100th anniversary since the school’s founding, and its marketing department was developing a yearlong communications effort to celebrate a century of the school’s groundbreaking achievements.

The marketing team approached Green Buzz Agency about creating a number of videos to complement its efforts. The first major collaboration between the school and GBA was a video to kick­off the yearlong celebration.

GBA knew that the video needed to energize students, alumni, donors and the Baltimore community so that they would be inspired to get involved with the school and advance its mission of protecting health and saving lives.


GBA created a script that introduced the public to the Centennial Celebration. Featuring the Dean of the school and the President of Johns Hopkins University, the video highlights some of the school’s seminal research that has changed the face of public health worldwide. The video captures a sense of the importance of the school’s past and future scientific work in the Baltimore community and worldwide, and calls on the audience to be a part of the next century of scientific achievement.

GBA tied the message together with visuals that would support the video’s themes, creating motion graphics sequences, locating relevant historical footage, and capturing current work by the school in a week­long shoot.


The video was featured on the Centennial website, and distributed in an email marketing campaign to the school’s donors and alumni.

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