Scripted Narrative with Actors


American University


To orient students to college life, American University requires its first year students to take a freshman experience course, called AUx. On top of teaching the students how to navigate their academic, social, cultural and psychological adjustment to university life, this course emphasizes diversity, compassion, and inclusion.
To enhance the course further, educators at American University brought Green Buzz Agency on to create a training video that could be used as a tool for students to understand the biases they may have against other people. These scripted and acted scenes were based on actual scenarios that a college student may encounter.

GBA’s producers made sure that the script for every video translated well to screen. These scripts were then made into storyboards that solidified the vision for each situation being filmed. Additionally, Green Buzz Agency scouted the perfect locations on campus for the sets. When the shoot day came around, GBA directed the student actors to help them feel more comfortable on camera.

Storyboard Examples:

Video Production Story Board Video Production Story Board Video Production Story Board

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