Children’s National Health System

Video Purpose: Fundraising Gala Video
For their premiere fundraising event, The Children’s Ball, Children’s National Health System wanted to show how their donor’s contributions directly make an impact on the treatment of a patient. As a healthcare system with the mission to provide the best medical care, research and advocacy for all children, Children’s National called Green Buzz Agency in to create a video focused on the groundbreaking technologies that are defeating disease and illness in the Washington, D.C. area.
In order to highlight the tech-driven message, an energetic soundtrack pushes the video along from one shot to the next. Both slow and fast-motion are contrasted to add magnetism to the piece. Testimonial from patients impresses viewers with the fundraising video’s authenticity, and B-Roll is interspersed throughout these interviews to support what is being said on camera. Creative sound effects, visual effects, and transitions come together to create an immersive experience. The result is a video that is not only heartwarming, but hopeful and inspiring.

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