“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a billion,” said Coca-Cola Chief Sustainability Officer Beatriz Perez earlier this week at the Public Relations Society of America’s Atlanta conference. And she’s definitely not wrong. Well, she might be a little off, as Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester claims that one minute of video is equivalent to […]

Online ads, although not the most traditional way to watch an advertisement, have become just as influential. “Forty-one percent of respondents believe online video ads are more effective than TV, while 31 percent claimed they are as effective,” according to MarketingLand. More people are spending more time on their smartphones, laptop, and tablets, which includes more time on the internet, […]

It’s back-to-school season again, the time for savings and discounts on office supplies, clothing and everything else moms and kids might want to be ready for the new year. But which deals are really worth it? Here’s how consumers in 2015 are shopping and researching before they buy.   Research starts at home. When consumers look up a product, they […]

In 2012 a popular video was posted on YouTube, warning the public about Vertical Video Syndrome, the “addiction” that seems to afflict those who shoot vertical video that no one enjoys watching. A muppet-like puppet creature tells us, “Vertical Video Syndrome is dangerous. Motion pictures have always been horizontal. Televisions are horizontal. Computer screens are horizontal. People’s eyes are horizontal. […]

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Facebook Trend: Zuckerberg Denies Facebook Phone Rumors Many analysts have predicted a Smartphone from Facebook, including in a report from a May 2012 New York Times article. The article stated that Facebook had hired software and hardware engineers from Apple and that this would be Facebook’s third attempt at developing a Smartphone. Despite these reports, Mark Zuckerberg said in Facebook’s […]

Facebook trend: Facebook Tests Pinterest-Inspired App Story Layout For those of you waiting for the day when Facebook integrates a Pinterest-style design into your News Feed, you may be in luck. Facebook is testing a new layout for Open Graph app stories that looks a lot like the design of Pinterest. The new layout displays larger photos from an app […]

Facebook Trend: Fake Accounts Heighten Facebook “Likes” Could your brand’s Facebook page “likes” be inflated by fake accounts? A BBC investigation suggests yes. The BBC created a Facebook page for VirtualBagel, a make-believe brand with no products. The page received over 3,000 “likes” within a few days, and a majority of the likes came from suspicious accounts located in Egypt […]

Facebook Trend: Facebook tests shareable ad units Facebook has begun testing a feature that will allow businesses and brands to share offsite ad units directly to Facebook using Facebook’s Open Graph. This type of sharing has always been against Facebook’s Terms of Service, but Facebook is now testing the new sharing feature with a select group of marketers. Mashable discovered […]

If you find this video topic interesting, you may want to check out Gregory Ng discussing Effective Ways to Use Video in the Marketing Plan. Gregory also approaches his topic from a college athletics perspective. The Green Buzz Agency Blog provides insight for Marketing Decision Makers and other fun people 🙂  Learn more about Washington DC based GBA and our video production prowess! In the […]

Have you ever walked into the middle of a conversation and suddenly had the awkward feeling that everyone was talking about you? Motrin has. About a year ago, they became a trending topic on Twitter when Moms, one of their key customer groups, were talking about the insensitivity the company displayed in a recent ad campaign. The consumers summed up […]

Learn more about GBA and our video production prowess! Make room for social media in silo-structured organizations. Yesterday on my Twitter stream I see Ford’s social media guy, @ScottMonty, ask a fellow Twitterer the name of a Ford dealer with whom she was having an issue. She responded with the dealer’s name and Scott thanked her. What likely happened next […]

Learn more about GBA and our video production prowess! (First of two-part series looking at how social media is affecting businesses and how we work in them.) The times aren’t changing, they have changed. At least in regard to social media serving a business purpose. Recently I met with some people to discuss using social media for business, and I […]