The Challenge of Keeping Young Talent

No matter what industry or what company, the challenge of keeping young talent is a problem all executives are facing in 2016.
At Collision 2016 in New Orleans, IBM Design’s Phil Gilbert and Frog CEO Harry West spoke about how the design sector is working to retain their skilled early-career professionals.



“There’s too much competition for talent,” Gilbert said. “IBM is working to create physical and mental spaces that create a culture of design thinking.”
Company culture is big factor for young people. But so is giving young employees the opportunity to feel like they are contributing to meaningful work.
A millennial working at large corporation like IBM may find it hard to see the human impact of the projects they’re contributing to.
“A more direct social impact project we’re working on is how to get mothers to change the way they raise their kids to improve literacy among children,” West said.
These meaningful projects are attractive to the up-and-coming workforce. West and Gilbert agreed that young people don’t feel the same way when assigned with financial services work, which is a large part of both companies’ portfolio.
But when these more typical tasks are looked at from another perspective, Gilbert explained, IBM is providing the backbone to much of the world’s financial transactions, which directly impact local economies and create opportunities for growth. 
Changing the way that IBM employees see the projects they’re working on can create a greater sense of fulfillment. Perhaps design thinking is the way for all industries – not just design – to retain young talent.
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