Tips for Measuring Video Marketing Success

Updated June 7, 2017

Monitoring Your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in every aspect of the marketing industry is important, but why?


KPI’s help define when you successfully reach your goals, or when there are approaches you need to improve. When it comes to video marketing, the first KPI that comes to mind is usually video views. However, it’s important to remember, KPI’s are not only connected to the play button of your video, but also the impact your video has on the viewer. But how do you measure that?


Here’s how to increase video views, grow a video marketing network and produce increasingly successful videos:


Optimize Your Video For Search:

In order to bring your video to the top of the search engine of social media platforms such as YouTube, you need to add related tags to the descriptions of your post. These descriptions factor in the search ranking of your video because they tell the Youtube Search Bots what your video is about.Think about particular keywords or phrases that could lead to better results. Or, what is the best way to describe your video? So, be unique with your descriptions, be specific with your content, and tag those relevant keywords. Doing so will not only help your audience find your video, but also the search engines!


Say I search on Youtube “How to Make my Lipstick Stay on Longer.” I would most likely click one of the top options Youtube presents me with. But- how do you get your video rise to the top? A great example of how to do this is Smashinbeauty’s youtube video on “How to Make Lipstick Last.”



Along with a good video tutorial, she has a long title with the search words included in the title so google knows what to place it under so viewers get the best search results. Now, looking at her video description, it is nice and long, with details related to her topic. She uses the word “lipstick” 10 times. This is one of her keywords she uses to help Youtube search engines know her video is about lipstick. She also uses the word “long” six times, and “last or lasting” nine times. This tells the Youtube search engines that her video is about lipstick staying on long. Youtube will push it to the top when someone searches “long lasting lipstick, or how to make lipstick last longer.”


How You Can Benefit From People Watching Your Video:

  • Insert calls to action in your content. Ways you can do this are to have a screen in your video telling the viewer what they should do next. Also, present the same request again but this time as an audio version.
  • Include Annotations. Not talking about ads, but from time to time add a pop up bubble, for example, telling the vie
    wer to visit your page, subscribe or whatever action you want them to take. This will increase the traffic to your page.


Force People To See Your Content:

Speaking of traffic, Getting your video “out there” is the best thing you can do. The more you share your video, the more people will see it, and more people will engage with it. Traffic sources reports show the sites viewers use to find your content. This feature can help you get insight on how viewers find videos. Promoting your video in a way that will best suit your viewers, will increase your noticeability and following. Whether it is through searching directly on Youtube, or following links from social networking sites, you can better tend to your viewers when it comes to getting your content out there and increasing viewability.


You can see your Youtube traffic sources reports by:

  1. Signing in to your Youtube account
  2. In the top right, select your account, then creator studio
  3. In the top right, select your account, then creator studio


Once Your Video Is Out For The World To See, Here Are Five Important Video Metric Tips/Analytics You Should Follow:

  1. View Count:

    This indicates the general reach of your video content. Although different social media platforms gauge view count differently, views are a great measurement of how you’re making brand impressions and growing your familiarity. However, this is just the beginning of your video’s story. Be sure to not focus too much on view count and lose track of how the video is performing.

  2. Watch Time:

    This factor is expressed as a percentage, and shows how much of your video each viewer watched. Using watch time, you can see how interested viewers are with your content.

  3. Engagement/Feedback:

    How popular is your video? Using engagement and feedback, which work hand in hand, you can see how many shares your video has obtained across social media platforms. The greater amount of social shares the better, meaning people appreciated your video and wanted to share it with others. Feedback, which goes hand in hand with engagement, is how your viewers react and comment on your video. Based on the genre of your video, you can gauge what kind of feedback is appropriate, positive or negative.

  4. Click-Through Rate (CTR):

    This tells you how successful your video is in inclining your viewers to take action: click on your site, or click play. Make sure your CTR is relevant, and not too close to the end of your video. If some of your viewers have a short watch time, they might miss it.

  5. Conversion Rate:

    This refers to how many customers your video content has drawn to your site. This can be tracked through an external site such as Google Analytics.



The key to any success-measuring strategy is to study trends over time. The metrics and values described above are of little use as isolated figures, but when assessed over a period of months and years they can become incredibly powerful tools in improving your video marketing strategy.

Author: Madison EdwardsMadison Edwards is a Marketing and Communications Intern for Green Buzz Agency. She reports on the latest trends in Video Marketing and Virtual Reality.


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