Purpose, Process, Payoff in Marketing

Purpose, Process, Payoff

Even today as I meet with brands, I find myself reverting to them as we discuss their strategies and next moves in their marketing efforts. And while I’m certainly not challenging them, I often ask as we begin to discuss a new project: what is...

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youtube pure fun effective video ads

Pure Fun Video Advertising

Think everyone skips past YouTube ads as soon as the five second arrow appears? Think again. Research from BBDO shows that there are ways to make your YouTube ads more engaging and increase viewer duration overall. Here’s their research and tips on how to apply...

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Video Testimonials

The Power of Video Testimonials

People trust consumer reviews three times more than professional reviews, according to Weber Shandwick. In short, customers trust other customers. How can you use this influence most effectively for your company? Look no farther than the video testimonial. ...

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