What We Do

Green Buzz Agency translates ideas into effective and entertaining video products that clearly communicate our customers' messages.

Video Production Company

Located in Washington DC, Filming All Over the World

Our Philosophy

Video isn’t the future. Video is now.

Green Buzz Agency works with brands, agencies and nonprofits to produce commercials, public relations videos, documentary films and online branded content. Our award-winning videos help our corporate partners connect with their audience, engaging and inspiring them to act. Our creative vision is rooted in our collective experience working in television and film.

Our Mission

High Value Content for Well-Known Brands

We understand marketing strategy and that your brand image is your most valuable asset. Well-known brands trust us for video production that matches the high standard of their image, while standing out from their competitors.

Our Video Production Process

First Step


We work with our clients to develop the themes and messaging of their video. If it’s a documentary piece, we compose interview questions. If it’s a graphics or acted piece, we draft a script. Once we’ve got the creative figured out, we get a shoot on the calendar and get into production.

Second Step


We may be located in Washington, D.C., but we film all over the world. We are pros at capturing stories where they are, and our team is capable of shoots both big and small. From audio engineering to motion tracking, we’ve got the equipment and people to capture cinematic quality footage.

Third Step


We believe the edit suite is where the story comes to life. Our team of producers and editors work with our clients to piece together the perfect soundbites and shots to tell every story. And when it comes to motion graphics, we’re making fully animated videos, as well as infusing them into our documentary pieces.

We are a Washington DC Video Production Company, offering a range of capabilities:

3D Modeling
B-roll Shooting
Color Correction
Concept Creation
DVD Authoring
DVD Replication
Equipment Rental

Green Screen Shooting
Location Scouting
Motion Graphics
Multi-Camera Shooting
Multimedia Presentations
On-Location Editing
On-Location Shooting

Sound Design
Studio Shooting
Video Consulting
Video Encoding
Video SEO Strategy
Voice Over

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