Why Advertisers Should Pay Attention to Mobile


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From the Big Screen to the Little Screen:

The Future of Digital Video Advertising on the Second Screen

Americans just can’t put down their mobile devices — not even when they’re watching TV. The rise of these “second-screen users” presents an opportunity for marketers looking to get the most out of their advertising buys. Jennifer Lum, co-founder and CSO of Adelphic, says advertisers can better target their messaging with the data available on mobile users. But the use of mobile for advertising isn’t just important during primetime. As mobile use continues to grow overall, advertising on mobile is expected to grow too. By 2019 it is predicted that mobile video ad spending could reach $6.8 billion. And video is a critical component of that growth; the majority of U.S. adults use their mobile devices to access digital video content rather than using a traditional desktop. Mobile isn’t just the future; mobile is now.


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