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3 Tips to Create a Branded Instagram Video

Instagram’s users have been rapidly growing, and 2016 is no exception. One study suggests that as many as 90 million Americans will use Instagram at least once a week (eMarketer). That’s nearly a third of mobile phone users!


Brands are tapping into that audience, and not just with photos. In a survey of 250 major brands, 72 percent reported posting videos to Instagram (Adweek).


The social platform has unveiled a video counts feature, which advertisers are raving about. The view counter helps marketers quickly select successful videos, identify early influencers, and in turn allocate advertising budget wisely to increase ROI.


So how can you take advantage of this opportunity to get your message out to Instagram users? Here’s some tips on making great video for social media.


1. Maintain your video quality


This is not as easy as it sounds. For many users, Instagram is an upscale platform, offering high-quality content that is created by professional artists and deluxe brands. Don’t eclipse your brand by uploading a video that’s poorly lit and shaky.


Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream company, had a long history of creating high quality videos. The company’s videos can be identified within several seconds given their unique style. Take a cue from Ben & Jerry’s and brand your video by using specific fonts and color schemes. You want your video to describe your distinctive brand culture and company vision.



It's officially hot chocolate season. Recipes at link in profile.

A video posted by Ben & Jerry's (@benandjerrys) on


2. Convey one message in each video


Instagram limits videos to 60 seconds. It’s unrealistic to squeeze in a myriad of information or tell a complicated story. It is better to convey one message in an interesting and creative way. Nathan Priest, one of our editors at Green Buzz Agency, suggested that short videos should be “to the point and boiled down to what’s crucial.” He says successful videos grab their audience’s attention, and compel them to research your brand. A video is a hook; it gives the audience a little bit of information, and piques their interest to learn more details about your product elsewhere.


Lululemon, the athletic apparel retailer, introduced its new expandable tote through a simple and creative Instagram video. Instead of listing multiple features, Lululemon just demonstrates how many things you can fit in this small tote.



3. Connect with your audience


Video helps you connect your brand with audiences on a human level. Not only can videos construct a vivid and refreshing brand image, they can build trust with your potential customers.


Fashion brands are using Instagram to showcase behind the scenes moments. Restaurant companies are presenting the food-making process, while showing off delicious dishes. Non- profit organizations are introducing the people who are impacted by their work.


Behind the scenes of the romantic and artful vision of the #FendiFW16 fashion show. #mfw

A video posted by Fendi (@fendi) on


With these tips, you’ll be making compelling videos on Instagram in no time!

Siwen WangSiwen Wang is a Communications Professional in the DC area. She specializes in web and social media strategy. Her latest Instagram posts featured some awesome photos of a Hot Air Balloon Festival!

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