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4 Steps: Choosing a Video Production Company

After hours of meetings and discussions, you’ve finally convinced your marketing and communications team of the value of video. You’re working on your first video marketing plan, have a great concept and strong goals. But you need to find the right video production company to make that plan happen.


Choosing the right production company can be an overwhelming task, especially if this is your first foray into video. But don’t worry! If you approach the process step by step, you’ll find the perfect video partner for your project.


Step One: Video Research


Before you even type “Video Production Companies near me” into your search bar, take a step back. How do you want your video marketing campaign to look? Spend some time watching videos toSearching for your Video Inspiration answer that question. Go to your competitors’ websites and see what videos they have posted. Head over to TubularInsights to check out
their picks on the best branded content. Even re-watch your favorite movie! But this time, try to notice what visual techniques are being used to pull your emotions or make an impact.


For example, is camera movement being used to draw the viewer in? Are motion graphics and animation being incorporated? How is the brand’s story being communicated? Brands should use film techniques like movement, slow motion, and time lapse to add a creative element to their videos, according to Tod Plotkin, the Principal of Green Buzz Agency. So, make notes on the visual elements of video that you think will work for your branded content.


Step Two: Make a List of Video Production Companies

With these techniques in mind, start your search. Create a list of the video production studios near you. Most video companies will have demo reels that highlight their compelling shots. Demo reels show variety, so they can include interviews, motion graphics, selections from corporate overviews, action-filled event coverage, and much more. These reels are a great preview into the capabilities of the production company. Does the demo reel showcase any of those techniques you just researched? If so, you may have a good match.

You’ll also want to find the latest videos these production companies have made. Sometimes, you’ll have to go further than just their company website portfolio. Most production companies can be found on Vimeo, and that’s where they’ll be posting the projects they’ve most recently been working on. Browse their channel, and keep track of the samples you think are successful.


Step Three: Reach Out and Discuss


Chances are, there will be more than one video team in your area that makes quality corporate video or branded content. Contact your your top three choices to schedule phone calls with the production team. Most production teams provide free video quotes.


Setting up a strong base of communication will help this production company when you trust them with expressing your brand, company, or nonprofit’s mission


While you’re on the phone, speak about your project with clarity. Make sure you are honest about your deadlines, budgets, and other expectations. Providing a creative brief or other write up is extremely helpful. Bring up the work in their portfolio that caught your eye, and the producer will be able to tell you more about the project. Remember, this is the start of a business relationship. Setting up a strong base of communication will help this production company when you trust them with expressing your brand, company, or nonprofit’s mission.

If the phone call is going well, ask for a production proposal. These proposals will give you a detailed breakdown of the budget, creative concepts, and timeline of your video project.


Step Four: Make the Choice


The phone conversations and proposals will give you insight into how the production company handles their projects. Now it’s time to ask yourself,


  • Does this video production team have my company’s best interest in mind?
  • Will they deliver a quality video?



You want to choose the company that truly understands your video’s goals and your projects requirements. When discussing your project, did the production team suggest ways to make the video fit your budget? A good production company will understand the logistics of producing, editing and shooting video, allowing them to make the best judgements for efficient work.

For example, one of the video production companies you are considering may be flexible enough to offer a half day shoot, which would be less expensive than a full day shoot. This company may have also suggested eliminating the script from your video in order to let your employees speak authentically on camera in their interviews. That’s a company that’s giving you the best value.

You want to feel secure that the video production company is truly passionate about your video and interested in it’s success. Maybe the producer made plans to tailor the video based on your video marketing strategy.  Perhaps they researched your nonprofit and asked engaging questions about the work that you do. Those are signs that you’re more than just a lead to them.

A video production company should be an extension of your marketing team. You are entrusting this team with creating a major component of your brand’s customer communication strategy. To make the most out of your video investment, choose your production partner wisely. That will make your first video project the start of a continued and valued relationship.


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