5 Lessons from Startup Giants


Collision 2016 brought together giants in the tech startup industry, including billionaire investor Chris Sacca and Slack co-founder Cal Henderson.


So what’s the big takeaways from the hours of presentations of interviews that took place? Here’s our top 5.woman using virtual reality headset


Technology is Changing Every. Industry.


Whether you’re in sports, music, food, or marketing, technology is changing the way we do business. That’s been true for awhile, but it’s no less true in 2016.


Technology is Continuing to Disrupt the Music Space


In the middle of New Orleans’ Jazz Fest, Collision brought together music industry titans as well as top publications such as Complex and Billboard. Digital caused a huge upheaval across the music industry, which was slow to adapt from a record-based sales model to a singles-based sales model. Now, musicians are battling royalty fee rights and facing pressure to build and maintain multi-platform digital personas, all while the music media is struggling to find a way to deliver unique value to consumers. The questions that have plagued the industry for the last decade are still on its mind today.


In Marketing, Video Matters, But Virtual Reality Is The Hottest New Storytelling Technique


Collision brought together the companies that are exploring how to use virtual reality to engage their customers. The technology is helping bring sports fans closer to the game. It’s letting customers peek closer into their trusted brands. The immersive experience of VR is on the minds of top marketers present at Collision, and you can expect to see more applications of it in the years to come.


Automation and AI Are On The Horizon


What concerned Collision attendees most about automation and AI was how they were going plan for the tech’s arrival in the office. Already innovators are weighing questions of how these updates will affect the workplace, and whether their integration will shift human relationships. Automation and AI are valuable, but are we ready to cope with some of their negative effects? Expect to see more conversations.


Startups Are Even Changing Company Culture at Mega-Corporations


Tech startups have brought more than just cool gadgets to the world. They’ve also redefined workplace culture. To compete, mega-corporations such as Intel and Comcast-NBC are figuring out how to reshape their environments to match the startup vibe. It seems everyone wants free snacks, flexible time off, and a ping pong table. Or at least, the heavy hitters in business think they do.

If you want to be apart of the new conversations revolving around tech and the startup world, sign up for Collision 2017, which brings together top business professionals and innovators from around the globe for a full agenda of networking and presentations in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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