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7 Industries Being Revitalized by Video Drones

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Does anyone else still associate ‘drones’ with Sci-fi films and alien invasions? They just seem so futuristic. But we should probably break that word-association because in 2017, drones are very much a part of the picture.


As of December 2016 over 29,000 commercial drone pilots had been certified – with about 2,000 registrations submitted daily, according to Drone Deploy.


So people are clearly jumping on board to the drone craze. And as the possibilities drones provide for professional and amateur videomakers alike continues to grow, the amount of people seeking drone video technology will likely snowball.


As a matter of fact, It is projected that there will be 7 million drones in the US by 2020. And, according to reports from PWC, the drone industry could be worth as much as 127 billion dollars by 2020.


So the use of drones in day-to-day life appears to be increasing exponentially, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.


Industries using video drones 2


Specifically, the use of drones to capture aerial images has resulted in amazing possibilities and growth opportunities for filmmakers and video producers in industries across the board. Drones are capable of capturing footage of areas that humans couldn’t previously obtain by easily accessing different angles and views. By accomplishing this, video drones are able to provide a more realistic experience for the viewer.




Here are 7 industries using video drones to boost engagement


Journalism/Humanitarian Stories:


As of August 29th, 2016, the FAA rules that journalists are able to use drones without obtaining a pilot’s license. This new tool for journalists greatly expands their storytelling possibilities and opens doors for more effective and impactful ways to bring viewers into someone else’s reality.


For example, last year when airstrikes hit the Syrian city of Aleppo, drones were able to capture the destruction in a way stationary street-level cameras wouldn’t have been capable of. They brought viewers into the city and gave aerial views that forced the viewer to meet the destruction head on.



Breaking News:


Closely related to journalism and humanitarian stories, drones also allow more up-to-the-minute updates on breaking news. From wildfires, to car chases, to flooding, to riots.


Recently drones were used to broadcast the flood damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in August.





Drones have completely revamped the way travel marketers appeal to potential tourists. Aerial views can show off all of the perks of a travel destination and are more likely to drive sales than an image, text, or non-aerial video of a destination.


In this 2015 Winner of the ‘Epic Drone Videos Aerial Video Creator Challenge’ Just 2 Guys Creative uses a DJI Phantom 2 to give viewers the ultimate Thailand experience via video.





Concerts and festivals are all about the experience. People want to have a good time and listen to good music in a positive atmosphere. And aerial views and drone cinematography are an excellent way to show people the true extent of the experience a concert or festival offers.


Additionally, because drone video fully captures the large crowd and immense excitement of festivals and concerts, they’re more likely to appeal to people’s fear of missing out – or FOMO, if you will. And this increases the likelihood that people will purchase tickets to the event in order to feel like they are a part of something big and exciting. 


For instance, thousands and thousands of people flock to the greater Coachella Valley in California for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival each year. To give people a greater sense of the experience of the concert, the festival took aerial drone footage of Kaskade performing in 2015:





Fast-paced sports and races can be difficult to capture on video for spectators. Especially sports such as surfing, skiing, and marathons. But with drones, viewers have better access to the ongoing events and they can keep up with competition in real time.


For example, here’s a video compilation from Xtreme Drones of 6 different action sports captured with drones:





Nature Videos/Wildlife:


A lot of the beauty of nature and wildlife videos is that they occur, wait for it, naturally. There’s little to no human involvement – and with the development of drone technology people are able to capture genuine wildlife moments from different viewpoints and with little disruption. Moreover, using drone video is safer for the videographers, and is a cheaper alternative to other video technology. For companies like National Geographic or the Discovery Channel, drones can open countless doors for exploration and storytelling.


For instance, here is one man’s drone footage of Serengeti Wildlife: 



Real estate:


Drones are great way to show off full property’s in the real estate industry. In fact, homes with aerial images sell 68 percent faster than homes with standard images, according to MLS statistics. They give consumers a better idea of home layouts and property details without them having to make a trip to the property first.





Everywhere you look, drones seem to be playing a part in industry developments.


To recap, drones grant the audience greater access to events, places or things being documented and provide a more lifelike visual for viewers. Also with drone footage, the audience feels more involved and they get a better idea of an item or experience they could be looking to buy.


Additionally, drones provide real-time updates on breaking news, they create safer working environments for videographers, and they provide educational shots of nature and landscapes that couldn’t previously be obtained – all as a cheaper alternative to previously used technology.


And as drone technology continues to develop, the opportunities for industries using video drones will continue to balloon and expand to new horizons.


Dana High is a Marketing and Communications intern at Green Buzz Agency. She’d spend more time researching how drones are going to take over the world but she’s a little busy planning a trip to Thailand thanks to Just 2 Guys Creative.

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