An Open Letter to Future Green Buzz Interns

My summer as the Marketing and Communications Intern for Green Buzz Agency is quickly coming to an end, so I wanted to take the waning time I have left to write an open letter to the future interns that come through the doors of 700 N Fairfax St.

My first day at Green Buzz, I walked in the office wearing a button down and dress pants, only to be greeted in the front room and realize that I heavily misread the business-casual/casual dress code memo. Looking around during my tour of the office and seeing soccer jerseys and graphic tees was a real breath of fresh air for a college kid like myself.

As I say this, I’m not condoning showing up to work here like you don’t care, because as they say, it’s always the first impression that counts the most and shows how serious you are about being a contributing part of the team. The people wearing those soccer jerseys and graphic tees are professionals, just as you are expected to be every day in the office.

Tod, Sara and the rest of the leadership team have created a culture here that is awesome to be a part of where everyone has a voice and is able to be as creative and free as they want, while churning out truly amazing videos in a relaxed environment. Everyone loves to have fun, joke around and play with whatever dogs are in the office that day, but they also love their work.

The collaboration that goes on here is unlike anything I’ve seen in my professional experience. Each person has a role that they excel at and the creative minds coming together turn these video projects into audience-gripping stories. I mean, just look at this:

As the Marketing Intern, I got to do a lot of really interesting things that helped further my industry knowledge and skills. Between my main tasks of running the company’s social media channels and writing the blog for the website, I was given a lot of additional freedom to test some new ideas and grow as a professional which I’m very grateful for. I definitely asked my fair share of questions along the way, but everyone was always willing and able to assist with any concerns that I had.

Outside of the marketing aspect, working at a video production company was something that I was unsure of as a person who knew little to nothing about the video production process. Once I got here though, it was a lot of fun to sit by and watch these talented professionals go through their daily routines while picking up whatever tips and tricks that I could.

I got to interview two of our senior leaders for the company blog (which you can check out here) where they gave me some really good information and told awesome stories about their favorite projects and moments they’ve been a part of at Green Buzz. These were my most in-depth looks into the minds of my co-workers and was certainly one of my favorite parts of the internship.

I’m very grateful to Tod, Leah and everyone else who helped make this experience happen. My two biggest takeaways from this internship are to network with everyone you’ll meet here because they are really great people who know a lot about the industry, and to come in with some big ideas. All the freedom I was allowed got me to take things that I thought of and implement them into my strategy whether it was for social, the blog, analytics, or anything else. Other than that, just be yourself, be creative, work hard and have fun, because it’s truly a great environment to work and grow as a professional.  

Jake Pasquale is the Marketing and Communications Intern for Green Buzz Agency. He will be returning to Penn State University in the Fall for his senior year.

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