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3 Videos All Associations Should Have

From the International Association of Theme Parks and Attractions, to the American Mustache Association- there seems to be an association for everything. There’s even an association for associations. In fact there are at least 92,000 associations in America alone.
With all this competition for membership dues, Associations need to make sure you connect with potential members in an age where Facebook and Linkedin are sufficient enough for most people looking to expand their professional network. That’s why many Associations are utilizing video marketing and communications techniques in order to keep their current members interested, and to attract new people to join.
But in order to maximize your video marketing plan’s effectiveness, you need to make sure you’re creating content that resonates with your potential viewers. At the same time, it needs to highlight every benefit of belonging to your association and participating in your events. One video won’t cover every facet of your organization. That’s why we’re showing you four great examples of videos that have made an impact in the Association space.

Explain Your Membership Benefits

As an association, you offer a great network and resources to your members. But, there must be more great benefits to join your Association that potential members, or even active members, may not know about or how to utilize.
A video that delves into everything your members get out of your Association would be an excellent way to inform your audience. In fact, explainer videos that show the value of your product can boost your conversion rate by 20% or more.
This video needs to be brief and to the point. Think of it as an overview, rather than a testimonial. It’s number one goal is information. Meanwhile, you want to make sure your storyline is interesting.

A great example of an institution that mastered this balancing act between entertainment and information is George Washington University. Green Buzz made a focused script that clearly explained the benefits of their Alumni Program in a cohesive way. At the same time, the creative motion graphics and upbeat music keeps the attention of their audience.

Promote and Broadcast Your Events

It’s common for associations to bring together the leaders of their industry for conferences, galas and other events. And sure, there are very easy ways to invite your members to these events, such as email or phone calls. But, nothing really creates FOMO like a video.
Take for example NACS, the National Association of Convenience Stores. They have an extensive video marketing strategy for their national conference, which is one of the biggest in the United States. Year to year, the show’s location rotates between Chicago, Las Vegas and Atlanta. However, whenever the show goes to Atlanta, NACS has found that there is a large dip in attendance. Research uncovered attendees believed there wasn’t enough to do in Atlanta. Green Buzz Agency was hired with the challenge of creating a food and travel show that showcased all of the great things to do around Convention Center in Atlanta.

This video gets their members excited about joining the convention, but you also want to keep them excited while they’re there. That’s why NACS creates a daily television show that plays around the convention center and in the hotels of attendees. It makes sure they know all the events that are going on throughout the day. That’s dedication to video marketing.

Highlight the Story of Your Members

Your members are the backbone of your community. They’re in the field, doing great work every day. You must have some stand out members who have been making an impact. Use their stories to inspire all of your members.
When you belong to a large group, it is hard to think of yourself as one of many individuals. That’s where these member stories are a great addition to an Association Video Marketing Campaign. They’re going to break down the group mentality barrier and let your members relate to one another. Additionally, these member profiles can highlight certain successful association initiatives that have made a difference for your featured member. These powerful testimonials create unity in your group.

This video was created after the Urban Land Institute named Dr. Cheong Koon Hean’s the 2016 recipient of the J.C. Nichols Prize for Urban Development. It showcases Dr. Cheong’s truly amazing work in the Urban Development sphere in cinematic quality. This impactful documentary would inspire those ULI supports to make similar contributions in the field.
Working together, these three videos will give members a full understanding of your association. Meanwhile, they can also be used to promote your group to new potential members. Remember, your Association gives valuable resources to your members- don’t cover that up with bad video.

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