A Look Into Companies That Do Video Marketing Well

We all know good video marketing when we see it. And some companies certainly do it better than others.


The quickest way to improve your own video marketing strategy is by learning from the best of the best. Let’s take a look at advertisements from a few brands you may have heard of before…




Amazon’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial took the cake. Everyone was talking about it for days and even weeks to come. Of all the SB commercials, it won USA Today’s “Ad Meter,” which is ranked based on consumer votes. Why was its impact so great you may ask? Memorability through humor.


In this spot, Amazon’s Alexa device “loses” her voice, and many well-known celebrities fill in for her. It’s creative and unexpected, but more than anything, it’s hilarious. They took a risky approach by not promoting Alexa’s many features or benefits, but instead pretending it has a defect to try to increase the comedy aspect of the commercial – and potential for some word of mouth marketing. It paid off. According to Digital Commerce 360, “the commercial helped boost the number of online articles, tweets, Facebook posts and other online content related to Amazon Alexa 129%” the following week.




Laugh out loud commercials are rare, especially if they appeal to a wide range of demographics. This was accomplished not only through its humor, but by the variety of actors. Rebel Wilson may appeal to 20 year olds, and Anthony Hopkins may appeal to 60 year olds, but it could also go vice versa. The attention to detail in this commercial, as well as the amount of thought and effort put into casting, is apparent.


One thing is for sure: Amazon’s Alexa was on the minds of countless after its commercial release on Super Bowl Sunday.





No one does feel-good video marketing quite like Coca-Cola. In 1971, Coke released one of the most famous commercials of all time: “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke.”



The video consists of a large group of diverse people standing in unity, singing an original Coke song. The message is everyone can come together over a Coke. Since then, Coke has upheld their feel-good brand association with a variety of ads throughout the years.


One thing they do well is sell their product as more than just a product. It’s not a beverage, but an experience. In “Brotherly Love,” an older brother is constantly picking on his younger brother, but when it comes down to it, he’s got his back. What’s their reconciling factor? Coke, of course.



This commercial is very sweet and makes you smile. It’s nostalgic for any adult who has an older or younger brother, and simultaneously relevant to young boys around the same ages as the actors.


This story portrays a shared experience – and impressively, does it without any dialogue. Ah, the power of video.




Nike is more of a straightforward brand that makes video content directly related to their products. They show you who you could be if you buy and wear their merchandise. Their ads are often motivational, inspirational and very upbeat.  




In “Unlimited You,” part of Nike’s 2016 “Unlimited” campaign, they show average people working towards becoming athletes. The narrator proclaims, “All of these athletes are terrible now, but they’ll all do big things one day.” He goes on to state the accomplishments they will go on to one day achieve. This encourages viewers to think about how nobody is just born the best – you have to work for it. It certainly made me want to jump off my couch and be active.



More recently, Nike has partnered with Youtube influencers to promote their line, according to Mediakix. One example is the W2S Youtube soccer channel, which is run by two energetic brothers and has over 12 million followers. In October 2017, they uploaded a video entitled “FOOTBALL CHALLENGE vs CRISTIANO RONALDO.” In this sponsored episode, the brothers play soccer with Ronaldo in Ronaldo’s own backyard. Harry Shaw, the Youtuber who runs the channel, states at the end, “Thank you to Nike for making this happen. You can check out their CR7 Mercurial [shoes] which we wore in the video. I’ll put a link in the description.”



Presumably, Nike knew how many views this branded content would receive which is why they did it. The video has nearly 28 million views to date and spread like wildfire. This is just one example of a Youtube partnership Nike has undergone. This powerhouse has, and continues to, come up with innovate video marketing strategies like this that are very effective.


Is one better than the others?


Amazon, Coca-Cola and Nike are great examples of companies that know their video marketing. Obviously, not every company will have the same money and resources that these empires have access to. However, the marketing tactics they use that make them so successful can certainly be applied to any business.




These 6 video marketing tactics are used by some of the biggest companies in the world and are doable on any scale:


  1. Comedic approach
  2. Appealing to a wide range of demographics
  3. Creating a feel-good brand association
  4. Relating your product to shared human values and experiences
  5. Showing the benefits of your product in use
  6. Partnering with influencers to help with promotion


One company’s video marketing strategy isn’t necessarily better than the others. They were all very successful and effective in their own ways.

Alanna Goodman is a marketing and communications intern at Green Buzz Agency. If Alexa lost her voice, she would definitely want Rebel Wilson to be her replacement.

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