Content Creation: Learn from Brands Like Fender, National Geographic

Not sure what content to include in your marketing videos? Running out of ideas for your YouTube channel? Here are a number of starting points for building quality content for your video marketing campaign.

Screenshot of a National Geographic Magazine video showing a polar bear underwater.

Video logs, or vlogs, like those from National Geographic Magazine featuring photographers talking about how they took certain photos can be a great way to put a face on your brand.

A Vlog, or video log, is a candid video diary, often filmed and released by members of the general public and distributed through video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Vlogs can, however, be put to use as marketing tools, especially when building an active online community for your brand is the main goal.

Many companies, from guitar manufacturers such as Fender, to magazines such as National Geographic, have released videos depicting the day-to-day work of their employees. Videos like these will often give behind-the-scenes access, showing viewers and potential customers what goes on in the boardrooms, factories and offices of their favorite brands.

Fender is a particularly good example as their product is so tangible and real. They build a beautiful product, and the construction of instruments and other precise objects is in itself fascinating.

Vlogs and video releases are very useful for the company as they can post news and review pieces which include their products, often in the hands of one of their signature artists, like John Mayer, which no-doubt helps their cause immensely.

Gary Vaynerchuck created another superb example of a company blog in order to promote his family’s wine business.

The video diary, posted at, documents Gary tasting and discussing various wines available through his online store, in addition to his musings on life and marketing. This fosters customer engagement, puts a face to the name, and also serves as a direct advertisement for the wines, a win-win for Gary and his family.

Whether you manufacture a product or provide a service, vlogging the activities of your employees is a great way to build customer relationships and engagement.

Start by recording each department, ask questions and let your customers see that your brand has a face. The idea is for customers to feel part of a community and important to your company.

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