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Creative Promotion with Video

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Video promotion is only expand this year. So, what are companies doing to stand out? Increased competition in a market breeds creativity, which means that new takes on video promotion are in progress.


What Is Creative Video Promotion?

What qualifies as “creative video” anyways? Creative promotion can mean a variety of things. In basic terms, creative video promotion is defined as the creation of unique ways to reach your audience. It can be surprising or shocking to your audience. But, not always. It depends on what tone you decide to take with your video.


Creative video promotion includes technology like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 360 video. But, it is not confined to mixed-reality technology. It can include live streaming and interactive video experiences.



HBO is a big proponent of using 360 video and live streaming. In April 2016, a 360 video of the iconic Game of Thrones opening credits was posted on the show’s Facebook page. The video has over 14 million views and about 400,000 reactions on Facebook.
Two months ago, the Westworld page hosted a live video event. Actor Ben Barnes spent a half-hour answering fan questions in the comment section. He responded to questions about the process of creating the show and fielded fan theories about the season finale. The video had 3,400 comments during the 30-minute live stream.
HBO’s timing in releasing these programs was carefully strategized. The Game of Thrones video was released 10 days before the season premiere. The Westworld live event was hosted a few days before the season finale. By specifically planning out the post dates, HBO was able to increase awareness for the upcoming episodes.  



BBDO in Dubai created a new interactive video for Snickers. As part of the “Stop the Hunger” campaign, they created a video game. In the game, viewers pause the video for the main subject to “catch” the Snickers bar.




These ads were released as a way for Snickers to combat viewers skipping pre-roll videos. The ads were also released about two weeks before the Super Bowl, where Snickers’ live ad is set to air. The timing release for these ads was most likely chosen as a way to prep the audience for the Super Bowl ad.


Additionally, by releasing both ads so soon after the other, Snickers is claiming a title of uniqueness among audiences. After spending years on the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” ads, these ads are fresh and exciting. While they still relate to the classic slogan, they are different enough to excite an audience.



Netflix has a very active social media presence. They release a magnitude of videos across their show pages. Their videos are often placed as pre-roll ads on social media websites, specifically Facebook.


Netflix’s Stranger Things has taken a unique approach to using video in their online promotions. Their Facebook page is home to a large amount of short video clips. Some of these clips include 360 video tours of the cast at awards shows. But, they are also using a new, original type of video format.


Netflix is making use of “secret videos.” Secret videos are short videos — often pre-roll — that don’t appear to be videos at first. They initially look like normal text posts. This video is a great example of this. It appears as a normal post, a gif of Eleven from the show. But when the video starts, a moving light comes out of her hand and devours the screen.


Netflix is able to remain in the forefront of their audience’s minds with the volume of video content they release. The interesting thing about the way they release videos is how specific they are to each program. The use of “secret videos” for the Stranger Things page reflects the theme and idea of the show. Likewise, the style of videos for Black Mirror, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and House of Cards are similar to the series’ style.


Where Is Creative Video Promotion Heading?

There is so much room for creative video promotion to grow. Mixed reality and other forms of creative video allow for so much opportunity to expand. We can only expect more unique, interesting ways to use video to emerge in the future.


katie murray marketing and video production internKatie Murray is a Marketing Intern for Green Buzz Agency. She reports on the latest trends in Video Production and Video Marketing. She’s played both of the Snickers games five times each.

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