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Current Video Trends In Real Estate

Updated June 28, 2017
Shopping for a house just isn’t the same as shopping for your next Amazon purchase. The buying process is so complex, with many factors influencing your customer’s ultimate decision. Real Estate Agents have a challenge to market their product to careful and considerate buyers who aren’t likely to be easily influenced. That means it’s all about providing your customer with the valuable information they need to make a choice- and one of the best ways to do that is with video.


In fact, real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without video, according to Bold Content. They also report that 73% of homeowners would be more likely to visit with a realtor who uses video to market their home. Those two astonishing facts make it clear that videos are valuable to your potential home buyer.


Not sure how to harness video for your real estate business? Here are some great tips.

How Real Estate Is Using Video:


Virtual Tours | 3D and Virtual Reality:

Virtual tours are changing the game for real estate, allowing people to show their homes and properties without location limitations. For example, CEO of Warren Residential, Nick Warren says: “We handle a lot of international and relocation business and being able to do a “virtual” showing prior to someone traveling here is priceless. It certainly puts us far ahead of our competition!”


With a 360-degree digital tour, potential buyers can zoom in on details as they like and move through the house with no one standing over their shoulder. This helps your client gather all the information they need on the house, without feeling pressure to discuss it with an outside party.


Because they are conveniently posted online, Virtual Tours act as a permanent open house. Schedules on both agent and potential buyer’s ends are always hard to line up. A 360-video of your property takes away the stresses of scheduling, staging and long hours on site.


360-video, however, is difficult to approach on your own. It takes specialized equipment on both the production and post-production sides of the video production process. If you do not have an experienced internal video team, you’ll want to look into hiring an outside partner that has the expertise to make this product flawless.



Watching a live stream open house is much more efficient than simply staring at floor plans and and photos posted online. A live stream of an open house are beneficial for the people who can’t make the showing, and gives the realtor the opportunity to show the property to many people, who otherwise may not come out to the physical showing.


With live stream video, the realtor can guide the client through the house, and the client can see the home for themselves. It is a great introduction to the property that may help eliminate houses that just won’t work for the potential buyer.


Neighborhood/Community Videos:

When buying a house, it’s not only about finding a suitable property that fits your needs and style, but also picking a neighborhood and community you like as well. Video is a perfect way to show the personality of every neighborhood your properties are listed in.


MSQ Real Estate does a great job overviewing the many neighborhoods in Washington, DC . Their videos focus on what makes each area unique, it’s history, and the nearby amenities. Additionally, it discuss the architecture styles that can be found each the area, so buyers can decide if their ideal home style can be found in that location.


However, their videos could be improved with a map, which is exceptionally helpful to address any concerns a potential client may have about their daily commute.


Realtor/Company “About Us” Video:

Not only do Real Estate Agents have to market their properties, but they also have to market themselves as professionals. As a Real Estate Agent, your personality and know-how convince prospective home-buyers to work with you. That’s why real estate agents create introductory video reels to post on their website and social media platforms.


An “About Me” video is valuable for both your prospective client and yourself. You will no longer have to waste your time on meetings with information-gatherers who just are not a good fit. It is also convenient for home shoppers because they can narrow down their agent options without even leaving the house. People who are serious about the home-buying process are more likely to schedule a meeting with an agent who has an “about me” video than one they do not know much about.


What should you include in this video? Show people your strengths. Are you an expert in a neighborhood? Do you make great personal connections? Are you able to get your clients a great deal? Tell your audience the story of why you are passionate about selling homes. Home-buying is an emotional experience, make sure you have some emotion in your “About Me” video too.


Green Buzz Agency produced a company overview video for Long and Foster that introduces you to their real estate team:

The video feels genuine because of its integration of candid interviews. On top of that, the illustrative B-Roll helps to give insight into what it would be like to work with Long and Foster. Through this video, Long and Foster is able to give potential clients a clear idea of the dedication and commitment the company values. After watching this video, a potential client is more likely to work with Long and Foster over a real estate agency that does not have a video telling about the company.


Video Testimonials:

Potential clients are more likely to listen to previous clients who have been in their shoes than anyone else. That’s what makes a client testimonial video so impactful. Video testimonials are a great referral for any real estate agent, and can show future clients the great work you have done in the past. The videos can be posted to your site, Youtube or other social media platform. A great example of this is from Claudia Escobar form Natgroup Real Estate:


This unscripted video is very authentic. You can tell that Sam is sharing his true opinions on working with Claudia. His outside opinion on her expertise of the local market is much more relatable to a potential buyer. It’s important to never script these interviews, and ask for real and genuine feedback.



Buying a house isn’t easy. That means selling a house isn’t easy either. With so many complex factors that influence your potential clients opinions, video is a great option for providing easy to digest information to the thoughtful home buyer. From “About Me” videos to 360-degree tours, there are plenty of ways to make a connection to your potential customers. Try something simple, and see it’s effect. You won’t be disappointed.


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Madison Edwards PhotoMadison Edwards is a marketing/communications intern for Green Buzz Agency. She reports on the importance of video in the real estate industry.

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