Customer Expectations and How to Meet Them

Farmers Restaurant Group’s Dan Simons on Great Restaurant Execution


Delivering quality service that’s expected by customers isn’t always easy. Farmers Restaurant Group’s Dan Simons discusses the importance of implementing and executing the branding plan for his restaurant and the struggles of meeting those standards daily to ensure that his customers are not only satisfied with their dining experience but feel comfortable enough to provide feedback with the public to further spread the message on the company and their brand.

Farmers Restaurant Group’s Dan Simons on the Rise of Intelligent Search


Dan Simons of the Farmers Restaurant Group discusses the current state of  social/media and the evolution of social/media as he sees it. Simons is more concerned about the public’s ability to socialize, connect, and share through the use of social/media and less about the various social/media platforms. Simons talks about the evolution of intelligent search such as Google and how advancements in technology are promoting convergence among various platforms; providing specific intel on today’s consumer.

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  • Ian Zafra

    Great points! I actually think Google is doing a great job in providing people with smart, relevant and timely results. Internet users do not only search. Everything is now interactive and economical. I liked how companies try to provide rich user experience for their visitors and customers online and offline.

    February 23, 2015 at 2:48 am

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