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What services do you provide?


If it relates to video, it’s in our wheelhouse. Our services span the entire end-to-end video production process, and include media consulting, creative development, scriptwriting, casting, social media packages, in-studio and on-location shoots, motion graphics, animation, audio mastering and more. We have experience with both long-and short form content as well as individual videos and entire campaigns.

What does the video production process at Green Buzz look like?


We’re happy you asked. Each client gets a devoted producer who directs everything from the kick-off call to the final delivery. We collaborate with you to map out your creative vision, deciding on strategic techniques that will best tell your unique story to the right audience. Our team will put together the best crew and equipment for your project, ensuring that we capture all necessary footage in the most cost effective manner. In-house editors will then employ cutting-edge techniques to bring your narrative to life. Still have questions? Check out our post on the-end-to-end video production process.

Three things to think about before your kick-off call:


Who is your audience?

What is your message?

Where will the video be distributed?

What do you mean by flexible, scaled production?


Every one of our projects are specifically tailored to our client’s price-point and preferences. While most clients need start-to-finish services, we adapt to your needs, giving you just “pre”, just “post”, or anything in-between. Talk to us and we’ll help you decide what kind of strategy and production makes the most sense for your unique needs.

How far in advance should I schedule my video?


While scheduling depends a lot on the scope of your project, the earlier you can schedule your video, the better. As a rule of thumb, 3 months in advance is a great target to shoot for. That being said, our agile team is skilled at turning around high caliber projects with short lead times.

How long does a video take to make?


Great question. It varies from video to video, but the initial contact to final delivery typically takes about 3-10 weeks.

How long does a motion graphic or animation take to make?


It usually takes 4-10 weeks from script lock. The scripting process can be as short as a week or as long as several weeks, depending on how nailed down the video concept is when it comes to us.

What’s the difference between a freelancer- dependent production company and an agency?


As a full service agency, we have a team of completely in-house producers, animators and editors, which means you work with the same A-team each and every time. We also dedicate a specific producer to your account, who carries institutional knowledge of your brand from project to project. 


Having a multidisciplinary team means we’re a one-stop shop. No script, no footage, just have a great idea? We’ll work with you at every step to bring your project to life.

What to look for in a video partner?


This is an important one. A video of any kind is a direct representation of your brand, which is why choosing the right creative partner is so important. Look for someone:

  • Who asks questions – you can’t make a video for a brand you don’t know. We learn about what’s important to our clients and come up with a solution that works for their unique goals, budget and audience. 
  • Who builds on your vision – whether you have a general concept or a clearly defined vision, look for a partner that will add to your ideas and apply industry knowledge to shape and amplify what you are looking for.  
  • Who creates custom solutions – at Green Buzz, we believe no video is the same so no approach should look the same. We are about as far from an assembly line as you can find, and we think your video partner should be too.