Green Buzz Agency Wins Second Emmy Award

Green Buzz Agency, a full service video production company located in Washington, D.C. received their second Emmy award last week for their Make-a-Wish video “Carrier of Dreams.”


This is Green Buzz Agency’s third Emmy nomination, and the second time in a row the production company has won an Emmy in the competitive category of short format program. Green Buzz received their first Emmy in 2016 for a video also produced for Make-a-Wish foundation titled “Wizard for a Day.” Green Buzz Agency is proud to be recognized for the work they do for Make-a-Wish foundation through the production of “Carrier of Dreams.”


Sara Evans, Lead Producer at Green Buzz Agency was excited when she heard the news of winning a second Emmy, “I feel confident saying this video was a career highlight for everyone involved in the process at Green Buzz Agency. It was truly a team effort and an experience we will never forget. Having it recognized with an Emmy makes it even more special.”


The Emmy awards are proof of Green Buzz’s rapid success within a short timeframe. “For the first three and a half years, Green Buzz Agency was a team of one. Starting in September 2013, Green Buzz really started to take off. Everyone is excited for what’s to come on this journey of rapid growth and expansion,” said Green Buzz Agency founder, Tod Plotkin. The team has accumulated dozens of industry awards within this period of changes. GBA sees these awards as a testament to the team’s unity and creative collaboration.



About Peter’s Wish

In the midst of facing an intense battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma, Peter was delighted to hear the Make-A-Wish Mid Atlantic Chapter was able to to make one of Peter’s dreams come true. As a child who was always interested in the Navy and flight, Peter decided his one wish was to go out on an active aircraft carrier.


That’s when Green Buzz Agency was called to create a non profit documentary that showcased the impact that this wish had on Peter and his family. Every video production has its challenges, but Carrier of Dreams was a special case. The Green Buzz team had to expertly capture audio on a ship with loud ambient noise, safely film footage in a fast-paced and unfamiliar setting, and make production decisions quicker than on the typical set. Green Buzz Agency was able to successfully capture the roller-coaster emotions, action packed scenes, as well as small, yet important details to form an emotional and fast-paced documentary.


“Filming a “wish” is unbelievable because we get to experience it alongside the wish kid and his family. For Peter’s wish, we flew in a military plane to and from an active aircraft carrier out at sea. Landing on a carrier, you go from 150 mph to zero in seconds. Taking off, you’re launched into the sky by two steam-driven catapults. These are things not just anyone gets to experience. To top it off, we got to see Peter’s reaction to his dreams coming true, right in front of our eyes. It’s indescribable,” said Evans who was the Lead Producer of Carrier of Dreams



Peter’s story is emotionally charged, and very personal. Therefore, it was vital to the GBA team to capture not only the raw moments of joy on the wish day, but also to break down barriers with honest interviews. These authentic moments with Peter and his main supporters connect the audience to his story.


To further draw the potential donors into Peter’s day, creative post-production techniques brought the story to life on screen. Editor and Senior Creative Andrew Whipp worked to incorporate effective sound design, a cinematic score, and visual effects to contribute to the Gala’s attendees experience of the video. This video raised a significant amount of donations for the Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic Chapter, allowing the organization to continue to grant more wishes to children in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Northern Maryland.


Leah Eder, Green Buzz Agency’s Marketing Coordinator, highlights why Green Buzz loves to work with Make-a-Wish foundation, “We get to tell some important stories for Make-A-Wish – and it’s amazing to witness how these stories impact people, firsthand. It’s wonderful to win the Emmy for the documentary, but it’s so gratifying to know that this video is a part of a larger campaign to make sure more kids get their wish. When working with the team at Make-A-Wish, we get the full package – A beautiful and touching story, room for creativity, and a tangible knowledge that our video productions are changing lives.”


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Madison Edwards PhotoMadison Edwards is a Marketing/Communications intern for Green Buzz Agency. She enjoyed learning more about the production of Carrier of Dreams, and relaying it to an audience through writing.

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