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Creative Editing Strategies to Use on your Instagram Video

Instagram has been making some significant changes in the past year. The Facebook-owned company has rebranded, extended its video length, and changed the way marketers looked at insights by providing a new business analytics dashboard. These new features are all changing the way brands use the platform; in fact, brands make up about 40% of the top 1,000 most shared Instagram videos. That means companies are successfully using Instagram to make truly engaging content and reach users.


Considering that Instagram reported in April 2016 that the time users spend watching videos on Instagram has increased by over 40 percent in just six months, it’s obvious that the option to create a 60-second long video has led to the growth of a new social media marketing strategy for businesses.


But where do you even begin to make your Instagram video stand out? Companies have a lot of creative freedom when making their promotional brand videos on the platform. Read on to learn about the various, eye-catching Instagram video editing methods that you can easily use in your marketing campaign!




Instagram’s most recent standalone app, Boomerang, loops a burst of five photos into a 1-second clip. One of the first companies to use the app to was Timberland, which created a GIF-like clip of flipping through their catalogue pages to promote their products for the upcoming season. The use of Boomerang’s choppy visuals makes the clip stand out from the rest of the user’s feed because it appears playful and unique despite the simple subject. Boomerang adds a fresh and unique spin to Instagram videos and web advertisements posted on the social media network. It is perfect tool for content that doesn’t need much explanation, but rather, is visually appealing and has character.





Users can often lose interest in videos on Instagram if the clip is too lengthy. Therefore, Hyperlapse, another app developed by Instagram, is a perfect tool that makes it easier for brands to condense a large amount of content into a shorter time frame by turning any video into a time-lapse. Nike uses Hyperlapse to show off their products in a whimsical and intriguing way. By having a video that show an artists draw Nike Air Max sneakers, users will want to watch the fast-paced video completely to see the finished artwork, causing them to be more intrigued by the product. Nike strays away from blatantly advertising their product by taking on a storytelling approach that connects better to viewers. Hyperlapse is particularly effective when trying to to give users a quick glimpse into your brand image.



Stop Motion


Although many brands use Boomerang and Hyperlapse, the most commonly implemented editing method on Instagram is stop motion. It allows brands to promote their products in a way that brings branded content to life through it’s choppy and playful visuals. Take Starbucks’ instagram account as an example. The company often uses stop motion to not only show their products, but also to share the Starbucks experience that loyal customers can have. For example, the video below is used to promote free in-store coffee refills for Green & Gold Reward Members. Since the stop-motion is eye-catching and light-hearted, it will mesmerize users and get them to pay attention to your business. Therefore, it is a useful tool for any company trying to creatively promote your brand– whether it be your product, story, or company culture.


Brittany Ngoun Video Production Company InternBrittany Nguon is a Content Marketing Intern for Green Buzz Agency. She reports on the latest trends and techniques on video and Virtual Reality Marketing.

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