Micro Content and What it Can Do For Your Brand

Pivot Point’s Casey Kincheloe explains Micro Content


Micro content is an increasingly popular way to attract audiences to brands, Casey Kincheloe of Pivot Point says. Easily digestible “snackable content,” micro content is meant to allow audiences to learn about a brand. Rather than actually selling something, it acts as a promotional tool that grabs people’s attention and help them to quickly understand a brand. As users’ screens and attention spans continue to shrink, micro content can get out quick, simple messages that help to draw people into a brand and make them want to learn more.

Pivot Point’s Casey Kincheloe on How to Create Effective Micro Content


Casey Kincheloe of Pivot Point explains that the best micro content combines strong visuals with concise copy. Micro content that audiences will easily understand and remember is the most effective. She advises that the promotion start with strong, professional visuals that help users to know what the brand is. The other main component in micro content is clear, concise copy. Together, the visuals and copy should create a short and sweet piece of content to grab users’ attention.
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