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Does Pinterest have Promoted Video? Yes. And It Works.

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Table settings, cakes, even vacations…people have used Pinterest to create and recreate many things. Websites boast the iconic red pin next to their pictures. Regardless of whether you make that cookie recipe you pinned, there’s no denying the influence that this social media platform has had.


But did you know that Pinterest is quite conducive to businesses? In fact, 75% of its content comes from businesses, according to its blog. Now, Pinterest has become even more brand-friendly through promoted video. Thanks to this feature, companies can embed a short video directly into the site, and include pins beneath it. Whether you’re new to Pinterest or not, here’s why your company should look into Pinterest promoted video.


Show what your product can do

One of the best parts of video is that it shows how to use your product. Take BareMinerals, for example: This Pinterest Promoted video demonstrates how to use its foundation and concealer. Even people who barely know how to apply makeup can follow this short clip.

If people learn how to use a product, they will be able to envision themselves with it. A video is a testimonial to its quality- you see the product in action and notice how it works.


Shorten the path between seeing and buying

Ever seen a stylish outfit and wanted to recreate it? Now, you can. Pinterest promoted video lets you add up to six pins beneath a clip. That way, users can click on products shown in the video immediately after viewing.


This approach is especially beneficial for Pinterest; 93% of users have used the site to plan or make purchases, according to Millward Brown. It makes sense- Pinterest is an inspiration board people go to when they’re dreaming of something stylish or delicious. People go to Pinterest thinking “I want THAT.” With Pinterest promoted video, people will know exactly what to buy, and, they can even buy products on the spot. How’s that for ROI?


Take videos with you

Promoted videos are conducive to mobile platforms. Similar to Tasty, they start playing on mute when you scroll past them. Since they are native, they help combine promotion and purchase in one platform. Users can save videos to watch on their own time.


This led to high completion rates for Old El Paso, who participated in a study with Pinterest on promoted video. Eighty percent of Pinterest’s activity comes from mobile devices, so why not take advantage of that through video?
Videos thrive in the world of pins and projects. They show your product in action, simplify purchases, and fit conveniently on your phone screen. Pinterest is all about seeing a cool idea and making it happen. With promoted video, people can make both their and your visions a reality.

Kristen Lee Video Production InternKristen Lee is a Video Production and Content Marketing Intern for Green Buzz Agency. She reports on the latest trends in video marketing.

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