3D Animation: IBM + Blackboard Partnership Reveal

AVA Digital – Gold – Motion Graphic for a Service
Telly – Silver – Craft-Motion Graphics / Design for Non-Broadcast
Client: IBM + Blackboard
Strategy: In 2016, Blackboard finalized a revolutionary partnership with IBM. By leveraging the processing power of IBM’s data analytics and Watson technology, Blackboard is now poised to provide ultra-intelligent and customized educational platforms for students of all ages around the world. To officially announce and celebrate this exciting partnership, Blackboard came to Green Buzz Agency to create a 60-second animation to be shown at their 2017 international Teaching and Learning Conference.
In order to illustrate the unique advantages for different Blackboard stakeholders, Green Buzz created three versions of the animation, each with customized visuals and voiceover. The smooth 3D visuals and the immersive sound design of this piece draws the audience in and conveys the magnitude and energy of this exciting partnership.

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