ICF Next’s Brand Reveal Sizzle Reel


ICF Next’s Challenge


In December 2018, ICF, a global consulting and services provider headquartered in the Washington DC Metro Area, announced the creation and launch of ICF Next, the convergence of ICF’s award-winning marketing, communications and associated technology businesses. This creative full-service agency needed a sizzle reel to showcase the forward momentum that helped spark this rebrand and emphasize the unparalleled passion ICF Next brings to its projects.

ICF Next is relentless in its pursuit to leverage disruption and catalyze change. To effectively communicate that spirit, this overview video had to be fearless, innovative and creative. Green Buzz Agency worked with the ICF Next team to refine a video production approach that was like nothing seen before.

Video Production Strategy


Green Buzz Agency made the existing film assets of ICF Next’s most impressive marketing case studies the backbone of this video project. However, these varied assets needed to be tied together to create a cohesive message.

The first step Green Buzz Agency took towards cohesion was to develop a text card script with the client. These motion graphics provide the sizzle reel’s narrative thread that drives home ICF Next’s mission.
To echo ICF Next’s unconventional perspective, Green Buzz Agency brought innovation to this edit. The split screen treatment of certain sections of footage visually references ICF Next’s ability to make unexpected connections that lead to success. These split screens anchor the video and further emphasize important moments in the script.
A fully custom music piece complimented the pace and established the energy of the final sizzle reel, pulling the viewer through each interesting twist and turn of the video. The song itself has four different musical sections, but the piece’s repeated melodies and instrumentation create consistency.

Video Marketing Results


This video played an important role in the press reveal of ICF Next and was sent to all of their clients and media outlets. This video is now featured on their website and will be used in presentations for business development. ICF continues to collaborate with Green Buzz Agency on further projects.

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