Branded Culinary Documentary: Upworthy/New Orleans



  • 2018 Silver Telly Award: Food & Beverage for Social Video
  • 2018 Cine Golden Eagle: Advertising, Marketing and Special Events/ Public Service Announcements and Non- Profit Promotion ( Any Length)

The City of New Orleans Challenge:


With its Tricentennial approaching, The City of New Orleans created a campaign to showcase vital aspects of its culture. As part of the campaign, this branded documentary video celebrates how New Orleans’ longstanding culinary heritage is shaping a vibrant future not only for food and dining but also for the entire NOLA community.


Video Production Strategy:


Green Buzz Agency took this vision and cast a story that directly parallels that message. Byron is a young, native New Orleanian chef who was able to leverage the strong culinary community around him to succeed in the field. His mentorship with the famous and groundbreaking chef Leah Chase ensures that Byron will continue the tradition of excellent Creole cuisine.


With a story complex as Byron’s, GBA knew it was vital to include the perspective of many different viewpoints in order to clearly convey the story to viewers. In addition, it was important to portray the excellent culinary presence in the city that supported Byron. Therefore, this video includes the interviews of the established celebrity chefs who helped Byron along the way. Throughout the piece, these interviews are cut through with slice-of-life B-roll that give a glimpse into Byron’s daily life in the city.


This authenticity is also reinforced by an environmental interview with Chef Leah Chase. The viewer is brought in to the legendary chef’s kitchen where they get to know her personality and her goals for Byron through natural soundbites and humorous interactions. Additionally, slow motion, motion graphics, and expert sound design elevated the look and feel of the video. All of these elements come together to draw viewers into the rich setting, welcoming them to the City.


Video Marketing Results


This video was distributed by Upworthy and has nearly one million views.

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