Nuclear Matters Campaign




  • 2016 Gold Stevie Award for Video: Industrial or Technology and Public Relations


Kivvit’s Challenge:


Kivvit teamed up with Green Buzz Agency to execute a public relations campaign for the nuclear power industry.

Led by industry advocate Nuclear Matters, the effort aimed to educate public policy makers and their constituents about the value of existing nuclear power plants in the United States, and the harm that would be caused if they were forced to shut down. Kivvit wanted to convey the reliability of nuclear energy, and just how much the United States is using today. Green Buzz Agency was tasked with developing the creative strategy for three videos for the campaign: a 15-­second pre-­roll advertisement, a 30-­second pre-­roll advertisement, and a 90-­second in­-depth overview piece for the Nuclear Matters website.

Video Production Strategy:


While Green Buzz Agency could have easily scripted the piece and cast actors, the team understood the value of authenticity in conveying the message of Nuclear Matters. Due to the significant attention nuclear accidents receive, there is a lot of fear around the use of nuclear power. GBA knew that it would be more powerful for audiences to hear from real people about the themes of reliability and safety when viewing a nuclear power advertisement.

GBA created a story concept for the video and developed interview questions that would elicit powerful soundbites from people within the nuclear industry. Over multiple production days, GBA interviewed nuclear physicists, industry advocates, and business stakeholders who could offer persuasive testimonials on the topic. GBA filmed at a nuclear power plant to remove the secrecy around the protected facilities and help audiences see them as vital parts of their community.

Video Marketing Results:


The project was released in 2016 and received and the 2016 Gold Stevie Award for Video: Industrial or Technology and Public Relations.

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