Cricket Wireless Branded Documentary: 30+ Million Views




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Cricket Wireless and Upworthy’s Challenge:


Cricket Wireless wanted to show the commitment they have to one of their brand values: kindness. That’s why they decided to create a branded documentary video series highlighting local organizations that use random acts of kindness to make an impact in their community.

Cricket Wireless and Upworthy unveiled the first video in the series within a few days of World Kindness Day with the ultimate goal of inspiring others to lend a helping hand to their neighbors.
As Upworthy’s external video partner, Green Buzz Agency was tasked with making this branded documentary shareable in order to fulfill this goal of spreading kindness. First, it was important to find a story that mattered and fit the ideals of Cricket Wireless. Then, the story needed to be shot and edited in a way to inspire viewers and drive engagement.

Video Production Strategy:


After extensive story research, Green Buzz Agency discovered a small group of friends in Oklahoma City who started a charity called Fill My Basket. This group helps their community by spontaneously paying for the groceries of strangers, in an effort to make a difference in the lives of people who need it, and inspire others to do the same.

By the time GBA found them, they had already made a positive impression on Oklahoma City. In the end, their mission to uplift their community and grow their impact to the rest of the nation was the perfect match for Cricket Wireless and Upworthy.
A powerful story like this had to be told with authenticity. That meant GBA’s video production team had to keep a low-profile when filming the Fill My Basket event. Hidden cameras captured emotions unfolding as people in need found out their groceries that week would be free. Additionally, natural sound bites allowed the viewer to hear the unguarded words of shock and gratitude from the video’s subjects.
These candid moments were also cut through with authentic interviews. In the answers to these interview questions, Fill My Basket outlined why they are passionate about spreading kindness. Together, the interviews and b-roll draw in viewers with a complete view of Fill My Basket’s impact.

Video Marketing Results:


This video has over 30 million organic views, 292k shares, 8.8k comments, and 473k reactions on Facebook.

It was also the most viewed branded content video on Facebook during November 2016, according to Brandtale, and one of the top 5 watched branded videos of the entire year.
This branded documentary’s effect went even further than views and shares. In fact, Fill My Basket attributes the story as a major component of spreading their movement across the country. For example, some of the Facebook comments on the video were from other people who are now starting similar groups in their own community.

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