Capturing Hilton’s Corporate Social Responsibility with Video




  • 2015 Silver Telly Award Winner for Film/Video: Social Responsibility


Hilton’s Challenge:


For the third year in a row, Hilton embarked upon its Global Week of Service, in which hotel properties and corporate offices across the world take part in volunteer activities in their local communities. Since 2012, Green Buzz Agency has been involved with the project, taking on a mammoth amount of footage from several different continents, and turning it all into great videos for Hilton.

The challenge was how to make the footage look like it had all been shot by the same crew, and string it together in a cohesive story that would promote Hilton’s service efforts worldwide.

Video Production Strategy:


Green Buzz Agency’s creative vision drove the process, and the team assisted Hilton in the structure and standardization of the video captured during the event. The production team prepared technical specs, interview questions, b-­roll shot lists and delivery instructions that were shared with crews spanning across six continents.

The processes developed during the first year that GBA created a Global Week of Service video have been successfully employed in subsequent years to ensure a quality product.
The project has continued to grow each year. In 2012, GBA received footage from approximately 10 locations, and in 2014 that number rose to 17. In post­-production, the goal has been to assemble an engaging and consistent recap that uses the varying footage, while balancing screen time for Hilton’s regions, brands and key leadership.

Video Marketing Results:


Upon completion of the first year’s video, Hilton Worldwide was so impressed with the final product, they hired Green Buzz Agency to produce more videos shortly after the project wrapped.


“The video turned out really, really well. From the CEO on down, everyone loved it and it’s still making the rounds. I think it’s definitely an award winning piece (sourcing video from around the world, finalizing production in 9 days, etc) ­ pretty amazing stuff.” — Chris Brooks, Hilton’s Manager of Global Corporate Communications and Social Engagement

Brooks also added, “Best money we’ve ever spent!”
The video was the recipient of the 2015 Silver Telly Award in the category of Film/Video: ­Social Responsibility.

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