Lowe’s Generation T Anthem Video


Lowe’s Challenge:


Young people entering the workforce often think that college is their only option. On top of that, they think the building trades are where people end up if they couldn’t get into college, or have limited access to opportunity. They see these careers as boring, difficult and underpaid. These notions couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lowe’s has started a 10-year campaign called Generation T to change the cultural perception of these careers. In this vast undertaking, they needed a centerpiece video that could serve as an anthem for the craftsmen and skilled workers all over the country, and inspire others to join the calling.

Video Production Strategy:


To capture attention and inspire, Green Buzz Agency knew this video couldn’t be predictable. It needed to be creative, energetic and motivating.

To accomplish this, GBA casted a spoken word poet to be the driving force in this video. He wrote this original poem specifically to capture the message of the client’s creative. Illustrated with B-Roll, high-end stock footage, and film of the artist delivering the poem live, the video re-frames the conversation around trade careers in order to dispel common myths that deter young professionals from pursuing these vital opportunities.
Creative editing techniques and integrated motion graphic treatments emphasize the tech-centered and entrepreneurial landscape that is the building trades. To build excitement and anticipation, rhythmic cuts between scenes and driving music move the audience forward through the narrative.

Video Marketing Results:


This video is the cornerstone of the Generation T website, which is a resource for those who are considering the building trades as a career path. The video, its concept and direction, is inspiring other components of the campaign, including more video content.

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