GWU’s Alumni Program Benefits Explainer Video


George Washington University’s Challenge


George Washington University’s Alumni Association offers their alumni network a wealth of perks and opportunities all over the globe. However, some alumni were not taking advantage of every aspect of the program. With every graduating student automatically enrolled in the association, some alumni didn’t even realize they were a part of the network.

They wanted to create an informative and engaging explainer video to raise awareness for their programs, and hopefully participation in those programs as well. Green Buzz Agency was challenged to create one cohesive video about these many diverse offerings.


Video Production Strategy


Green Buzz Agency and George Washington University came to the conclusion that a motion graphic approach was the way to go for this video production. By choosing animations, a unifying 2D style tied together each message that GW wanted to communicate.


Meanwhile, these graphics were supported by the informative script, written by GBA,  that clearly outlined the network’s offerings. Fun, energetic sound design implemented by Green Buzz Agency’s in-house video editing team added another layer of engagement to the video.

All of the elements of this video, from style to script to sound, works to celebrate GW’s network of support, and helps create a sense of community with an uplifting attitude.


Video Marketing Results


This versatile video was shown live at George Washington University’s 2016 commencement and is continually distributed through website and email campaigns.


“We were looking to elevate our visual storytelling strategy, and Green Buzz Agency’s vision and professionalism brought us to the next level. Green Buzz immediately tuned into our needs and goals and consistently delivered dynamic, powerful stories, no matter the project.” — Melissa Nyman, Assistant Director of Alumni Marketing and Communications, 2012-2014, George Washington University

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