31 Days of Halloween for SYFY.com




The SYFY Channel’s Challenge:


When NBC’s SYFY channel started a new branding initiative that focused on fan-centric content, they knew they had to use digital and broadcast video to get their message out. Halloween was the perfect tentpole moment to feature the craft skills of enthusiastic makers across all platforms: broadcast, Youtube, and Social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.  

This project was multiplatform with 12 deliverables, including 6 on-air drivers. Green Buzz Agency was brought in to produce this project from start to finish, including casting the talent, bringing in options for the setting, and creating the broadcast content. The haunt video featured here is an example of just one of the videos produced in the project. The rest can be seen on SYFY.com.

Video Production Strategy:


Our team wanted the haunt video to be more than just a walkthrough and video tutorial. It needed to be truly terrifying. So, inspired by horror movie trailers, our video production team knew they had to use the right techniques to really make a frightening impact.

The crew had just two days on set to get enough footage to make 12 videos. This ambitious schedule involved a huge variety of settings, actors and influencers — making it paramount to use the time allotted efficiently. That’s why our Producers planned the use of certain equipment, such as a steadicam, not only to get the horror-movie inspired motion in every shot, but also to eliminate any unnecessary set up time. Because they chose the right tools, the crew was able to shoot every detail of the haunted house.
The team was able to recreate the tense ambiance of the haunted house during the walk-through portion of the video by effectively directing actors, choosing the right camera movements, and choosing the perfect moments to capture. During the tutorial half of the video, a different lighting style, graphic introduction, and a host speaking directly to the audience created a separation between the sections.
The Post-Production process for this 12 deliverable project took place over the course of three weeks. Our editing team focused on building tension with highly crafted sound design, well-placed speed ramps, and moody color grading. The result is a truly frightening video that is startling, unsettling, and shocking.  

Video Marketing Results:


This campaign helped to establish SYFY’s new digital brand. With it’s fan-focused content, it was a big hit among their viewers. It fit perfectly into their scheduled TV programming, and successfully drove viewers to their digital content. On Facebook alone, the campaign has received over 750,000 views.


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