Influencer Tutorial Video For Social Media


SYFY’s Challenge:


As part of a new branding initiative that focused on fan-centric content, NBC’s SYFY channel needed digital and broadcast video that featured and engaged their fans.


To do this, SYFY decided to create video tutorials with influencers from the “Haunt Fandom” that thoroughly explained the process the influencers used to create complicated special effects makeup looks – in a way digestible for social media distribution. However, this project did not just stop at social platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. It was multiplatform with 12 deliverables, including 6 on-air drivers.


Green Buzz Agency was brought in to produce this project from start to finish, including casting the influencers, bringing in options for the setting, and creating the broadcast content. The tutorial video featured here, with Doug Sakmann on camera, is an example of just one of the videos produced in the project. The haunt video can also be found on our website, and the rest can be seen on


 Video Production Strategy:


Our video team understands what makes a video tutorial successful. Inspired by a Youtube-explainer style, Green Buzz Agency directed the influencers to speak directly to the camera. Strategically used time-lapse sped up the more repetitive tasks in the steps in order to make a 40-minute makeup application take place over a 2-minute video.


By using more than one camera, GBA clearly showed all of the supplies needed to create the effect. Switching the point-of-view also kept the audience interested in every moment of the video. In order to make sure each step was clear, Green Buzz Agency realized that voice over would be the best option to describe each instruction in the tutorial. These voice overs were recorded on set by the influencer shown in the video. On top of the narration, text graphics help drive the essential information home.


GBA wanted to let the personalities of the influencers to shine in the videos. That’s why the playful intro not only shows the final product of the video tutorial, but also draws the viewer in with Doug’s humor. Doug established the content of the video, and the brand of SYFY, by stating his “fan thing” right at the start.


Video Marketing Results:


This video was the most watched video in the campaign, with over 330,000 views on Facebook alone.

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