Upworthy “Our Story”: Company Overview Video


Upworthy’s Challenge:


All media companies have a mission. Upworthy is on a mission to change what the world pays attention to.

In early 2016, Upworthy content topped 200 million views on Facebook. With video audiences tripling in only a few months, and trends in online viewership moving steadily towards video, Upworthy decided to double­-down on its investment in digital video. Shifting its focus from an editorial-­based model to video­-centric, Upworthy began creating original videos.

In telling the stories of others, the company decided it needed a video that described its own story. Making an overview brand video for a company can be hard to do, especially when it would be immediately pushed to 8 million subscribers. Upworthy needed a video that was visually engaging, captured its brand voice, and helped to cement the company’s mission in the minds of its audience, and they sought out the talents of Green Buzz Agency to accomplish that.

Video Production Strategy:


Green Buzz Agency wanted to create an overview video that would uniquely capture the Upworthy brand, and grab viewers’ attention.

The original idea started as a stop-­motion video. Through iterations of the initial concept, it became clear that since Upworthy was transitioning to video, video should be integrated into the world of this animation as well. Using 3D animated “construction paper” and realistic looking household objects, the Green Buzz Agency team decided to tell their story in this playful, yet earnest way.
Green Buzz Agency designed and implemented a series of eye­-catching, motion graphics scenes meant to pull the viewer through Upworthy’s story. The video finishes with a Rube­-Goldberg­-style device that metaphorically showcases Upworthy’s broad reach and dramatic influence on social media.

Video Marketing Results:


Upworthy was extremely happy with the motion graphics work of the Green Buzz Agency team.

“I needed a marketing video – quickly – and on budget that not only told our company’s unique story but also showed it in a unique way,” says BJ Barretta, Development Producer at Upworthy.

“Green Buzz Agency exceeded expectations with a video that our entire company fell in love with. We can’t wait to share it with the world! But maybe the best part is that they couldn’t have been easier to work with on such an elaborate video.” — BJ Baretta, Development Producer at Upworthy.

Green Buzz Agency remains Upworthy’s external video partner on original series and branded video content.

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