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Pure Fun Video Advertising

In the age of cord-cutters, reaching a younger audience through television advertising is harder than ever. This doesn’t mean that successful campaigns write off video advertising as an ineffective strategy, though. In fact, video advertising on YouTube are becoming an ideal media to distribute video ad content.


But, how is this possible? Doesn’t everyone skip the YouTube ad immediately after five seconds, when the arrow in the bottom-right corner of the screen gives you the go ahead?


According to BBDO, this isn’t always the case.


Pure Fun Video Advertising


In a video made by YouTube, BBDO advertising professionals discussed how they were able to transform an original, made-for-TV Kickstart ad into a “pure fun” mobile ad. They found that there was a “26 percent higher view-through on mobile” and that people watched, on average, over a minute of the 1:30 “pure fun” spot, compared to an average of less than 30 seconds of the original ad.


The “pure fun” spot didn’t focus on selling to the audience, but rather focused on emphasizing the brand through a fun, interesting, and engaging storyline. Ad recall with the “pure fun” ad was 54 percent less than the other two ads.


Due to high ad clutter in the media, strategies that emphasize the narrative aspects of an ad can be more effective. This must be done carefully  to avoid the vampire effect in video advertising — wherein viewers remember the ad but not the brand. The vampire effect can “suck” the core message of your ad with distracting objects.


To lessen the vampire effect,  make sure that the content you’re providing in the video is relevant. While the subjects in the ad may be entertaining, if they aren’t relevant to your brand or product, they won’t resonate with the audience. Placing entertainment ahead of the brand will render the ad more, if not completely, ineffective. All video content should adhere to the overall brand and message through a compelling, engaging, and entertaining narrative.


Making A Successful Youtube Ad


Google performed a study that showed that YouTube ads are just as, or even more, effective than TV ads. According to the results, ads inserted into or before video content increase likelihood of viewing by 23 percent. These chances only increase with the use of mobile apps, from 54 percent to 83 percent.
Additionally, Audio and visual components in video ads are as important as ever. The Google study revealed that the video’s sound  is crucial in increasing the ad’s brand recognition: users recognized the brand 33 percent more often when sound was used effectively.
What does this mean? Well, YouTube can be a great medium if used correctly—with a careful creation of a narrative-based ad. And, mobile pre-content video ads can be incredibly successful in engaging an audience and getting them interested in your brand.
“Millennials… They love brands. They just don’t love being sold to.” (Tim Bayne, BBDO).

katie murray marketing and video production internKatie Murray is a Marketing Intern for Green Buzz Agency. She reports on the latest trends in Video Production and Video Marketing. She almost never skips movie trailers when they put out YouTube ads.

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