Tea & Talks: Meet Our Marketing Specialist Leah

Yesterday was National Boss Day, so we sat down to have some tea with my boss, Leah Eder, Marketing Specialist at Green Buzz Agency.

What kind of tea are you drinking?

I’m drinking zen tea by TAZO, but my favorite tea is jasmine pearls. It’s a green tea leaf that’s rolled with jasmine, and when you put them in your tea, the leaves unfurl and the jasmine has a very nice scent and mellow flavor. You can buy it in bulk at Wegmans!


Tell me a little about your previous experience.

I graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography and a minor in art history. Throughout my time in college, I was very involved in the school newspaper, The Daily Collegian. I was the photo editor for one year, and previously before that had been a senior photographer. That was basically like a full-time job on top of my classes; it was around 40 hours a week. I managed 20 photographers, I was the lead shooter at Penn State football games, and took on a lot of other challenging assignments. It was a very rewarding experience – a lot of time and a lot of effort, but I got to teach people and go to a lot of events in school that I never would have gone to otherwise, and I met some of my best friends.
After I graduated, I worked at Avo Photonics as a Marketing & Production Artist. Avo Photonics provides custom design, prototyping, and contract manufacturing services for customer-owned, opto-electronic components and systems. I had a lot of responsibilities at Avo, from photographing products to creating marketing collateral, but my biggest project there was to help create an interactive trade show experience that showcased new products creatively.

Why did you start with Green Buzz Agency?

Green Buzz Agency had everything I wanted: a great work culture, talented people, and a driven team. The position was great for me because while I focus on marketing, my creative/photography background helps me relate to my coworkers. I have opportunities to be a  photographer for our clients and have a variety of other responsibilities. I was also really interested to run the internship program because of my experience training photographers at Penn State.

What has been your favorite project to work on?

The Cricket Wireless Video! It was my first big project that I was apart of. I found a small group of friends in Oklahoma City who started a charity called Fill My Basket. This group helps their community by spontaneously paying for the groceries of strangers, in an effort to make a difference in the lives of people who need it, and inspire others to do the same.  This video is our most viewed video with over 30 million views now. Through this project, we’ve found the elements that make a story for a social video successful: the surprise, the hero, and the relatable element. The Fill My Basket team was so grateful and kind and sent so many nice comments to us about it, so I was just really happy to share their story. It also sparked a lot of people to create their own “fill my basket” group, and that was really cool to see.


What do you love about Green Buzz?

We make a product that I really believe in. Our videos have a really huge potential to change people. Think of the Cricket Wireless video, or our Make-A-Wish videos. Being at the Make-A-Wish gala is really powerful because you see people react to your video, whether they cry, or donate money to the organization, or even just clap. Making something that has that much of an impact on somebody is really powerful.
In my position, I get to show that to the world and I get to help bring in more of those kinds of projects. I love everybody I work with; they’re all so creative and talented, and they deserve to work on amazing projects. That’s what motivates me because I want my friends to have that career-making video and to be able to work on something that makes them happy.

Why should a client choose GBA?

We’re fun to work with, we have a lot of creative ideas, and we have a wide range of experience. We’re ready to make any video and we’re ready to make it to the best of our abilities. Maybe a client has a small budget, or maybe the project is not as glamorous as say, a feature-length documentary, and there are some companies that will treat that project with less importance. But that’s not how we work at Green Buzz. We put all of our efforts into every single video we make. Everything we do, we do it with our full heart and our full passion, and that I think sets us apart from other companies that are just looking to win awards, pay the bills, or whatever else.

What would be your dream project?

A Netflix documentary on something related to art and museums. I think there’s a lot of drama in museums that people don’t know about. The art world is so strange that I think there’s something there that would make interesting TV. I love art history, and there are so many cool stories there and not that many people know them. I feel like people go into a museum with their eyes closed. They just go in there and say “this painting is pretty” and they walk out. I mean, I don’t judge somebody for how they enjoy a museum, but there is so much cool stuff to know about the history of art  On top of that, museums make such controversial decisions all the time and it’s very interesting to explore these choices. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to know. “The art world,” a working title for my documentary.

What is a marketing trend that is hot right now?

I don’t really love trends in general. I think that everyone is just trying to jump on the next thing without thinking critically about how their audience will consume media or if this trend will actually take off and last. Marketers have to be aware and know your audience and how they consume media and know the best practices for what media to use where.
Video is not a trend, but its the best way to reach people. There’s just so much more you can communicate in a video; they are more engaging, as long as you make a video that your audience actually wants to see.

What piece of advice would you give an aspiring marketer?

Make a website with some key projects that you’ve done, your resume, a bio, and anything else that shows you off. I love when people send me their website because it lets me meet a potential candidate before actually meeting them. Also, pay attention in math class, maybe take some statistics courses, because the analysis is really important to be able to draw conclusions and make accurate decisions based on numbers. Finally, get some experience somehow, whether you join clubs or have internships. Meet with professionals, learn about their journeys, and make connections.
And that’s the tea.

Lucy Wolfe is the Marketing and Communications Intern for Green Buzz Agency, and her favorite kind of tea is Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer.

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