How Tech Companies Can Market Through Video

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Blockchain, artificial intelligence, driverless cars – disruptive technology is dominating today’s industry, but how do they do it?

This post won’t cover the logistics of developing technology, but it will tell you how tech companies can market their products and services with video. New technology is being developed every day, so it’s important to connect your audience to the advancements you’re making – and video is the perfect tool to do that.
We all love our buzzword – content marketing – and it’s crucial to use it over standard advertising, even in technology. When you create a video that tells a compelling story, the audience will be more invested in your content than if the video only featured your product. Creating branded video campaigns can be challenging in an industry that is often perceived as cold and unemotional, but it’s possible.


Let’s learn from the big brands who succeeded in creating emotional, people-centric stories that showcase how their products are changing the world.

Microsoft Laugh Battle


Microsoft released a video featuring six comedians going head to head in a “Laugh Battle.” Powered by Microsoft AI technology, their facial recognition API can detect the tiniest smirk or chuckle, and the comedians battled to see who could make each other break first.
This is a very clever video because it doesn’t feel like a commercial. By using their own technology as the basis of the video, Microsoft featured their technology while entertaining with popular comedians in a lighthearted setting. Comedy is a great marketing tool because it’s engaging and will keep your audiences hooked. The power of this awesome AI technology definitely translates through capturing the genuine reactions from the comedians.
If you want to do something similar, try to find where humor can fit within your brand.  A video with a lighthearted script or funny situation could feature employees, clients, or celebrities interacting with your technology. An easy example is doing a tutorial video that teaches the audience how the technology is used in a creative, lighthearted way.

Intel Reimagining Brain Surgery with VR


Intel released a video featuring how they power virtual reality technologies that are changing the face of healthcare. In this video, it features the story of a woman who had to have an emergency craniotomy, and how VR helps create more transparency for patients to alleviate the unknown.

The story grips the audience’s attention right away by hooking them with a cliff-hanging story. A compelling soundbite in the first five seconds of the video draws the audience into the story of the woman’s emergency craniotomy.

This was an effective video because it was an emotional and compelling story that featured the life of a real person. Rather than immediately showing a product, having a main character makes the audience want to see how the story plays out. By creating this documentary-style video, Intel introduced a problem with the main character and showed how their company creates life-changing technology to be the solution.


If you want to do something similar, this is a great opportunity for a client testimonial video. Who is buying or using your technology? Do some research to find a great testimonial of how your technology is helping someone in their daily life. This will prove for higher audience engagement than hiring an actor to star in a scripted video.

IBM Meet “Mombo” of IBM Cloud


IBM released a video profiling one of their employees from their Cloud team. When Mombo first joined IBM, he says he arrived with the clothes on his back and his motorcycle. Now, he runs the IBM Cloud Innovation Labs across North America.
This is a simple and heartwarming video of a real person from IBM’s team who is normally behind the scenes. With over 350,000 employees, IBM chose to feature not a high-level executive, but a Cloud Manager from Austin, Texas who has a passion for his career. Similar to Intel’s video, the audience loves to engage with another person on screen. By featuring Mombo’s story while also highlighting the technology he works on, IBM connected their viewers with the Cloud team and left a favorable impression of their brand.
If you want to do something similar, interview one of your employees and showcase how they contribute to your company. Consumers and clients love to have an inside look into the company to know who they’ll be working with. An employee interview is a perfect way to bridge the gap and connect your audience to your company.
Video styles are not one-size-fits-all, especially with tech companies. With the amazing technology being developed every day, it deserves to be shown to the world. If you use these video tips, you’ll be sure to wow your audience with not only your technology but also with an engaging and impactful video.

Lucy Wolfe is the Marketing and Communications Intern for Green Buzz Agency. She still uses Microsoft Office 2007.

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