Tips For Creating Shareable Content

One of the biggest focuses in content marketing today is shareability. You want to make content that is going to generate buzz – not because you’ve forced it, but because the content commands it. Especially with video, one of the main metrics of analyzing success is tallying how many times it’s been shared. Here are a few tips to maximize the shareability of your own video:


Make it Relevant


And by relevant – we don’t necessarily mean timely. While it’s great to create a funny video about the presidential candidates around the election, or a video about the upcoming Grammys, this kind of content has a short lifespan. While it may be shared for the few days or weeks leading up to the event, it will lose its relevance quicker than videos that are always relatable.


Here’s an example of branded content produced by Green Buzz Agency for Cricket Wireless and Upworthy. This is a great representation of an always-relevant story, and was one of the most shared Facebook videos of November 2016:



This video has been shared over 291,000 times (to date) because it was emotional, compelling, and told authentically. It’s an interesting topic that nearly everyone can connect to on some level. Everyone has to buy groceries, after all! And who doesn’t love watching genuine acts of kindness? Especially when the reactions of those on the receiving end are so priceless. It makes you feel good and may even inspire you to “pay it forward” too, which is why so many felt the urge to share it with their friends and family.




Think about why someone would share a video in the first place. Usually because of a strong emotional reaction, right? Whether it be humor, sadness, inspiration, motivation, anger, surprise, love, amazement – whatever it may be, they’ve felt it deeply enough that they want others to feel it too. No matter what your content is, the goal is to always elicit a strong emotional reaction.


Make it Available


Just like Newton’s first law – objects in motion will stay in motion. Start sharing your video through all of your company’s platforms (and your own personal social media accounts) in order to generate initial buzz. Spread it anywhere and everywhere. Once it’s distributed across multiple channels, let your video do the rest.


Since 75% of worldwide video viewing is mobile, you also want to make sure your video is mobile friendly, so as many people as possible have access to it.




Make it High Quality


Beautiful or unique cinematography alone can get people to share videos. Think travel blogger’s drone shots over the ocean on an exotic island. This content isn’t especially memorable, but it gets shared. Super high quality content gets noticed because it is so attention grabbing – however, beautiful visuals will only take you so far. If you see a video of a gorgeous sunset, chances are you’ll enjoy it, but that’s not the type of content you feel the need to share with your friends and family.




So, if you’re going for content over aesthetics, you’re in luck. You don’t need to have the best 4K cameras in the world to produce a video that people want to share. Think about all the “You won’t believe what this dog does next!” videos you’ve seen on your Facebook feed. These are usually shot on a smartphone. Now, don’t aspire to the bare minimum of quality, but a high quality story is (usually) more effective than high quality cinematography when it comes to being shareable.

Emily Stewart was a marketing and communications intern at Green Buzz Agency.





Alanna Goodman contributed to this post.

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