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“Unstock” Your Branded Videos

In today’s digital world, video is one of the most important elements of any marketing campaign. As a brand, the question then becomes how to go about creating an advertisement that is going to be engaging to viewers and keep their attention throughout it it’s entirety. That’s a tricky equation to solve. The one fail proof rule, however, is that advertising works best when it’s genuine. In the same sense that you shouldn’t use stock photography, stock corporate videos can be equally unappealing and fail to capture the hearts of your viewers.


Take this Kia Cadenza vs. Lexus ES 350 commercial for example:



What did you take away from that?  The Kia Motors commercial follows the same trend as most product ads- place it directly against the competition and show why your product is a better choice.  The real question, however, is did it resonate with you?  Did it make you feel anything?  A a great B2C advertisement should embed the product in your mind, and make you long for the life that you’ll have once you make that purchase.


Now watch this Dodge commercial:



Dodge took an entirely different approach to marketing their new Ram truck.  Instead of talking about the car directly, and comparing it to the competition, they chose to showcase the lifestyle associated with the car.  The truck is featured throughout the commercial, yet is not the main focus.  You see people doing various outdoor activities, and living the proclaimed life of a “rebel”.  The result is an ad that, not only is visually more exciting, but makes the product infinitely more appealing.


The most important aspect of creating an advertisement that connects with your viewers is selling them the lifestyle associated with the product.  Outperforming the competition is crucial, however, your focus should be on grabbing the attention of your audience and then convincing them why your product is better.  This can be applied to any aspect of business – people are more likely to want to hire companies that they are inspired by, shop at stores that fit into the lifestyle they are trying to lead, and buy products that attract their attention.  Need another example?



Old Navy is one of the most popular clothing stores, yet their commercials still focus on highlighting specific elements of their products rather than showcasing what it means to be an Old Navy shopper.  This commercial, while mildly entertaining, does nothing to draw the viewer into the proposed lifestyle that goes along with their brand.  Let’s look at an example of a company who did exactly the opposite:



This commercial for didn’t include any actors or studio work, they chose to highlight real people doing real things with their gear.  That’s knowing their target niche.  In advertising, it’s important to understand the group of people that you are marketing your product for.  As an outdoor apparel retailer, backcountry knew that the people buying their products were outdoor oriented and adventure focused.  Therefore, it made sense to debut a commercial that showcased the adventures that you can experience when you purchase their products.


So what’s the takeaway?  Successful marketing and advertising in 2016 is all about creating genuine content that connects with viewers on an emotional level.  Identify your target audience, and build a campaign around what you think will showcase the lifestyle they will connect with.  Unstock your branded content, and connect with more viewers and gain more customers.


Zach Chmael

Zach Chmael is a Video Production & Marketing Intern at Green Buzz Agency.







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