Upcoming Innovations to Watch in Online Video Advertising


CBS: According to David Morris, Chief Revenue Officer of CBS Interactive, a feature that is in development will allow a video to follow you as you read an article.


Teads.tv: Videos pop up in between text while you’re reading an article, and they play when 50% of the video is visible, allowing for a more engaging–and less annoying–way for advertising content to be distributed to users.


Facebook: Facebook is gathering a great deal of data about users, which they can offer to companies to provide an edge in targeted digital marketing. For example, Lexus leveraged that data by producing many different versions of the same video advertisement which were tailored to appeal to distinct user-types, and so different Facebook users saw different versions of the ad (Fortune).


oxwxc81y (3)Zoe Epstein is a marketing and communications intern at Green Buzz Agency. She develops and executes social media strategy and reports on industry trends.

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