Video and the Fashion Industry- Part 2

Green Buzz Agency has been looking at 12 different economic sectors for trends in video marketing practices. For the next 12 weeks, we’ll be posting one blog series each week that analyzes one of the sectors. We’ll be covering Energy, Education, Fashion, Finance, Sports, Politics, Real Estate, Travel, Food, Events, Non-Profits and Health.

My fashion business can’t afford video marketing… can it?

There is a common misconception about using video marketing in the fashion industry- it’s expensive. In general, quality and budget go hand-in-hand, but businesses can create successful videos on virtually any budget. At the end of the day, it’s all about the message.

Now, it goes without saying that spending more money to produce a high-quality video certainly won’t hurt your fashion business, but it’s important to note that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars is not the only way to integrate video into your marketing strategy. You just have to find where your business falls on the video production scale and run with it.

A “user-generated” feel is a common theme among the top fashion videos.  This is the perfect trend for businesses on a low budget to follow. Fashion gurus love to see behind the scenes of the fashion industry, from the manufacturing of merchandise to backstage at fashion week. The more “user-generated” the video is, the easier it is for viewers to place themselves right into the scene.

video production washington dcIf you want to keep it cheap, follow in the footsteps of brands like Marc Jacobs, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and Betsy Johnson that are using the Vine app. According to Mashable, fashion brands quickly jumped on the Vine bandwagon after it launched in February 2013, 2 weeks before New York Fashion Week. Check out these 10 great uses of Vine during Fashion Week.

Although it’s all about the glitz and glam in fashion, brands quickly adapted to the quick 6-second looping mobile video that Vine offers by lowering their usual strict high-quality production rules. Fashion brands often use vine to create how-to videos, behind the scenes videos, product detail videos and brand personality videos.

If you want to stick with Vine but you’re willing to up your budget and quality a little bit, then consider hiring a professional photographer or videographer. Now that Vine added the “revine” option, many Vines are going viral, some getting a million+ “likes” and “revines.” The better your Vine is, the higher the chances of it has of going viral.

Check back tomorrow for our next post on best practices of choosing mediums in fashion video production.


Corinne Buckwalter is a marketing coordinator at Green Buzz Agency. She researches and implements SEO practices for the GBA website, generates blog posts and manages the agency’s social media platforms. In her free time she enjoys running, eating frozen yogurt and supporting the Terps. 


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