Video Production and Higher Education- Part 3

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When in doubt, belt it out

So your university wants to create an admissions promo video, but you’re worried about it being too dry and boring. You have tons of information to share, but you don’t want to just push it at perspective students. You want to engage them.  You want to make them laugh. You want to show them what sets your university apart from the rest. Well, believe it or not, the trend we’ve seen universities using to combat those dull and monotonous admissions promo videos is musicals.

Yes, you read that correctly- musicals. Schools like the University of Delaware, Yale and the University of Rochester already jumped on the bandwagon and experienced success.

Yale’s quirky video “That’s Why I Chose Yale” has reached nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube. The video cleverly takes viewers on a journey from the tour guides first days at Yale to the present, while explaining all the greatness Yale has to offer. Watch for yourself….

Then, there’s the University of Rochester throwing it down with its own rendition of Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” in its “Remember oUR Name” YouTube video. This catchy video sends a call-to-action to high school seniors to apply to Rochester. It brings attention to everything from the school’s “new Ivy” status to the 60 percent athletics to 20 percent Greek to 9-1 student faculty ratio. After watching, you certainly won’t forget UR.

Now we understand that creating a musical as an admissions promo video for your college may be a little out of your comfort zone, but you have to remember your audience- perspective students and parents. Let’s face it, they’ve probably sat through five, 10 maybe 20 of the same boring information sessions and campus tours. Perspective students are young. They want something different. They want something fun. So, take a chance and create the next higher education school musical. 


Corinne Buckwalter is a marketing coordinator at Green Buzz Agency. She researches and implements SEO practices for the GBA website, generates blog posts and manages the agency’s social media platforms. In her free time she enjoys running, eating frozen yogurt and supporting the Terps. 

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